Create & Cultivate Self-Care Summit Recap | I Spoke In a Panel!


Hi guys!

This week I had an amazing opportunity to speak in a panel called ‘is it worth it can you werk it’. It was the first panel that kicked off Create and Cultivate’s first ever Self Care Summit

It was such a cool event with rooms filled with all things related to self care. I did a tarot reading, got my aura photographed, danced in a confetti room, made my own CBD cream, AND they were even giving out b12 shots! There were so many other cute interactive rooms too!


Anyways the panel took place first and there was maybe around 300 people in the room. It was probably the largest panel I’ve ever been a part of, and there were some fabulous gals along with me who spoke: Kelly Leveque, Koya Webb, Sinikiwe Dhilwayo, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, Merle O’Neal, and Jen Beechen!

What brings us all together despite how different we are is how we find time to take care of ourselves despite our busy lives.

When I think of self care - the first thing that pops into my mind are face masks and pedicures (which quite honestly I don’t do much of, unless I have a shoot or are on a plane). So I was surprised to realize -as I was answering questions up there- that my form of self care is SO ENGRAINED into my daily routine at this point that I don’t even REALIZE I’m doing it! 

I balance my hectic work life with me-time by putting myself first. Literally. It’s what I spend all morning doing...that’s why, I’ve trained my body to sleep and wake up early so I can exercise by 6 am. From the moment I wake up, I practice a 5 min mindfulness breathing meditation, and have a rule that I can’t touch my phone until I’ve made my matcha. A cup of matcha and working out at the gym helps get me going in the morning. When I’m back from the gym, I take a nice warm bath, make a nice macro balanced breakfast then sit at my computer to start work.

Usually it’s 7:30-8 am when I’m ready to work and by this time I’ve already gotten a solid 2-3 hours of Remi-time. 

This block of time for myself gives me the energy I need to have a positive mindset to focus on work. Without my morning routine I am all outta whack!


The biggest takeaway from the event? Do things that make you happy, find the time to meditate even if it’s 5 minutes, and remember to breathe. Oh AND it may take a lot of discipline, but you should invest in your health and put it first above everything else! esp work. Lastly, one deep breath can change how you feel almost instantly. *inhale* Ahhh~~~

When and how do you practice self care? I was asked if I thought self care was a trend, and would love to hear your thoughts on that too! Lmk in the comments below.

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