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I’m Remi Ishizuka (pronounced ' Ray-Me'), an LA based fitness and wellness blogger with a passion for healthy living and self-care.

I originally started my blog to document healthy breakfast bowls that I was making every morning! That escalated to my love affair with working out and how the combo of the two was makingme feel SO good. Flash forward 4 years and my health and career have completely evolved. I always tie my journey back to one single habit that changed everything.I fully believe that healthy habits can create long lasting change along with the support of a community like Instagram!

These days I'm having a blast sharing everyday life and connecting with you guys!

On my blog you'll find tasty recipes, easy-to-follow fitness tips, beauty advice, and travel inspiration plus everything in between!  

xx Remi


Thanks for stopping by and as always, I love hearing from you guys, so drop me a note anytime at