Tips on 2-3 day old hair!


Hey guys!

Watching the Western & Southern Open tournament was literally the highlight of this weekend. I've never watched professionals play tennis so it was such a treat! I loved checking the scoreboard after every serve to see how fast the ball was (usually over 100mph) and I was pretty much mentally concentrating for the players at the edge of my seat. I really want to see the US Open in New York now!


Anyway if you followed my insta stories- you saw that I was hanging with Nioxin getting tips from Top Artist, Diane Stevens and I wanted to share them with you guys!

These hair styles are really versatile and perfect for 2-3 day old hair and girls with active lifestyles. I took this consultation to find out my hair profile which was medium course in texture...With dry ends but oily roots- especially if I work out in between. So, if you're like me and don't wash your hair everyday (Bc it's stripping to do so), you're going to love these tips!


Tip #1

Invest in a good dry cleanser. Not only does Nioxin's Instant Fullness Dry Cleanser absorb oil from my scalp, but it also creates 2X Fuller Hair and instantly freshens. So between every look Diane created for me, we sprayed this Cleanser onto my scalp. I couldn't believe I had 2nd day hair afterwards. Even on the 3rd day- my roots did not get oily. So crazy! I couldn't recommend it enough. It's also dermatologist tested and won't clog your hair follicles!


Tip #2

If you're handling 2-3 day old hair or just a tip to keep in mind in general- BE GENTLE! I didn't realize how rough I was with my hair until Diane was styling it. I couldn't even feel that she was working on my hair, that's how gentle she is. She even counts how many hairs are stuck to the brush to check hair health. So next time you're brushing, putting your hair up, taking your pony out, curling your hair, just be super gentle. At the end of the day we want to keep our hair as full as possible as long as possible right?!


Tip #3

This last tip will help keep your hair off of your neck and face while working out and still look cute;) 


The Undone pony:

HOW: Spray Nioxin Instant Fullness Dry Cleanser 6" from scalp. This will help get rid of excess oil and create volume for the pony. Next split your hair in half, ear to ear. Use a hair tie and tie up the bottom half. This is the pony that you will be wrapping the other top half around. Next start close to the ear and wrap 1 inch sections around the pony securing with a bobby pin. Alternate sections from left to right until you are finished wrapping all the hair around! So easy and cute!


I seriously felt so glam watching the tennis match haha! Doesn't Witney look like a dream too?! 


Thanks for having me Nioxin! You can purchase the Instant Fullness Dry Cleanser at your nearest Ulta, either in-store or online :)

And if you babes try the 'Undone' pony out, I'd LOVE to see how it looked on you.

You can also click here to see where the closet Nioxin salon is to you!

Talk soon x