3 Tips to Wake Up Energized!


I’m going to be honest, I’m not one of those people who wakes up at 6am everyday. I like to think I’m pretty productive as a human but waking up that early just doesn’t work with me on a regular basis and I think that’s OKAY! In order to be a successful entrepreneur/blogger/work-from-home-er, you definitely have to have some qualities but early bird doesn’t have to be one of them! I think waking up rested and energized is the key here.

No matter when you’re alarm goes off I have 3 tips to ensure you’re waking up ready to take on the new day!

Tip Numero Uno

           Set yourself up for a good sleep. Set your alarm and put your phone on silent! Sometimes I like to put a little mantra into my alarm like “Today I am grateful for...” or “Today I am extremely productive” so that it’s the first thought into my mind in the morning.

Tip Two

           Make sure your bed/mattress/sheets/pillows etc are up to par!! If you’re uncomfortable in bed it’s super important to address it, think of all the lost hours of sleep! Ian and I just got a natural memory foam mattress from Essentia and it’s unbelievably comfortable- not too soft not too hard. We have been sleeping sooo well. It’s also a KING size so we have room to spread out and not be in each others space. I also chose a down comforter that is great for year around, keeps us warm in the winter but cool enough for the summer. My pom pom duvet cover and platform bed frame are from Urban outfitters. 

Tip Three

           Before even getting out of bed take a second to sit up and really listen to how your body feels, it’s probably a little stiff, you might even feel a bit light headed because your blood hasn’t quite evened back out yet! Try these 3 gentle stretches to breathe out the stiffness and move some oxygen around your body!


Easy Supine Twist – Laying flat stretch your arms into a T-shape. Bring up knees up to 90* and cross it over the other leg. The twist should be felt in your lower back and your shoulders should stay flat on the mattress. Turn your head to the same side as your bent leg and hold for three deep breaths.

Happy Baby Pose - laying on your back lift your legs up and grab the bottoms of your feet from the outside side of your foot. Rock gently side to side for 3 deep breaths.

Full body stretch - laying down reach your arms all the way up while pointing your toes and lengthening through your legs as much as your can. Hold this position as you inhale and exhale to relate. Repeat 3 times. This should feel like heaven.

Bonus tip - drink a big glass of water before having anything else for breakfast. I like to keep it right by my bed so I remember to drink it right away.

Thanks for reading babes, I’ll be back here soon.



Photos by: Frankie