Real Talk | How I get through hard times

Hi guys,

A lot of you called it out in my DMs , reached out to make sure I was okay so I just wanted to say Thank you. I wanted to share that things haven’t been the best and that your intuition was right. I don’t show my vulnerable side as much as I’d like to - its so foreign to me- but in this week’s video I wanted to speak from my heart because If you’re going through something too, you are not alone. I truly believe that the universe is teaching us something by throwing us curve balls and we just have to take the time to reflect on them and process. So I gave myself that time last week, got to know myself a little better, journaled and breathed through it.


When I wake up the first thing I do is take a 4 count breathe in and a 4 count breathe out. When you breathe from the gut first, filling your belly up expanding your chest and exhaling it out you’re tapping into your inner voice and intuition. If you can quiet your mind by breathing you can listen to your inner voice which knows exactly what you need to do!

Being Vulnerable

Because of how I grew up, being vulnerable and expressing my feelings is super foreign to me. As an adult it’s so important to be able to express the way you feel and I’m doing everything I can do practice this. I started reading Letting Go which is about being vulnerable and allowing your yourself to feel, express. When you let go, voice your feelings the energy gets cleared from your body and your intuition becomes louder and clearer.

Journaling + Habit Tracker

Journaling: I use 3 different journals because I find it helps keep different aspects of my life organized.

Virgo Workbook, guided prompt journal to manifesting your goals. It is full of introspective journaling questions, self-assessing, reprograming activities, and tons of inspirational articles and practical information.

The 5-Minute Journal It’s just 5 minutes of your day, and you do it in the morning. You write three things you’re grateful for, what would make today great, and tell yourself 2 affirmations. You start your day off in a goal oriented mindset. And at the end of the day you write 3 amazing things that happened, and how could I have made today even better. Having the moment to reflect every morning and before I go to bed is really calming to me.

Random Thought Journal Then I have a fourth journal where I jot down anything from meditations to my realizations, from listening to my intuition..I love how the paper on this notebook in particular is gridded so you can essentially write or draw whatever you want.

Habit Tracker: Then I have my habit tracker. You write down your daily habits for the month, and it really helps keep me accountable and develop healthy habits.

Spending this time to myself and practicing this self-care has really helped me get through what I’m going through. I’m so grateful that we have each other to lean on. Whatever you’re going through will pass, you’re only going to keep growing! Until next time.



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