Friday Favorites #7


Hey guys!

Sharing what I’m loving this week. Including my new vlogging camera that I used to film my latest Revolve haul. The quality of my youtube videos are about to get so much better, yay!

Other than that, I shared a vegan lox bagel I recently tried in Echo Park at Counterpart that I felt tasted like the REAL deal. Not saying its my forever substitute but for anyone who is vegan and wants a lox alternative, this is it!

I’ve also been wearing a few new accessories everyday that I been loving. My rainbow bracelet, rings and also sunglasses that are so flattering!

I’ve been practicing my breath throughout the day, which is why I took yoga today, been meditating on headspace and journaling in the Virgo new moon journal and notebook. It’s all been super helpful in tapping into my intuition more which is what I’m working on atm.

Lastly, I got a really good LOL moment yesterday watching Simba wear his dog boots for the first time. I hope you guys caught that hahah. We are going rollerblading this weekend and I got those to protect his paws.

Happy Friday!


A: Quay Sunglasses |

B: G7X Canon Vlogging Camera |

C: Adornmonde Rainbow Jewelry



D: Counterpart Vegan Joint |

E: Emergen-C Protein Fuel & Superfoods Pomegranate |

F: Newspaper Dress |

G: All Saints Boots |

H: Virgo New Moon: Workbook + Journal (Reprogram Yourself) |

I: Dog Boots |

J: Headspace Meditation App |