Protein on the go for busy people


This post has been sponsored by Emergen-C®. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

One of the best things about being early morning workout obsessed is that I find myself in a variety of unique fitness boutiques. I truly feel like changing your environment and switching up your routine from time to time helps to keep you feeling fresh and excited about moving your body.

Currently, my routine consists of cardio, barre, plyo and pilates classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and strength training Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. That being said, I’m always “on-the-move” so I have to keep my snack/post-workout fuel game on point. This means having a constant rotation of options stowed away in my gym bag.

I wake up, I have my matcha and then I work out.

Fasted workouts = immediate refuel necessary afterward.

Sometimes I’ll have a protein bar, but I usually prefer something a little bit more substantial and with a higher protein content. Emergen-C® Protein Fuel and Superfoods has definitely been my new go-to. It’s super convenient to whip up anywhere there is 10 oz of water accessible. Just two scoops in a shaker with cold water and it makes a delicious smoothie packed with plant-based protein, 14 organic superfoods, and antioxidants. My favorite is the Pomegranate-Mango flavor, but there is also Mixed Berry! It tastes just like a fruit smoothie minus the big mess in the kitchen and having to clean the blender. The Protein Fuel is the equivalent of two servings of fruits and veggies and each serving has as much protein as 3 eggs, as much Vitamin C as 3 oranges, and as much zinc as 3 cups of milk!


 It’s super important to consume protein after a workout because when you are breaking the muscle fibers down during exercise, your body needs protein in order to rebuild them and to gain muscle mass. It plays a key role in providing the wholesome nourishment you need. If you eat whole, organic foods regularly, you are likely getting a good amount of protein already, but if you train or are even a little bit active in your day to day, you probably need the extra boost. For me, whenever I do double workout days, I’ll most likely squeeze a high protein snack in between meals.  Emergen-C® Protein Fuel and Superfoods is the perfect afternoon snack between meals too.

Sometimes it’s easy to ignore our bodies needs when we are busy, so that’s why I create little life hacks that make it easier for me to keep myself feeling good and energized!