My Happy Pets: Simba and Juno

Hi Guys!


I can’t believe it’s almost been 1 full year since I adopted Simba and gave him a new life!

Do you guys remember when he first started appearing in my stories? He was my neighbors’  front yard dog and I would always pet him through the gate in his favorite corner where he would wait for people to pass by for affection.

Anyways one day when I was packing up to move to my new house, the neighbors approached me asking if I wanted to have Simba (since they knew how much I loved him)- and without hesitation i said YES. That was one of the best days of my life because secretly I’ve always wanted him!

Of course, when I first took him in- he had SO much pent up energy and all he wanted to do was SPRINT as hard as he could.I had to hang on for dear life while flying across the street and he would run away at any given moment if I didn’t close the door or keep a close eye on him.

Even though it was his first time being an inside dog he was easily potty trained and learned quickly to pee and poo outside.


He never had any accidents but this all changed as soon as Nate’s female German shephard, Juno came into the picture.

Even though they got along SO SO well - Simba was starting to mark his territory aka peeing and pooping in the living room. I wasn’t sure why it started happening at first - we let him out multiple times a day and he knows better- so what was going on?


After staying up one night and reading about how a change in environment/ new doggie member could add stress and anxiety- I knew that was most likely the cause.

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Another few weeks go by and Simba is still going in the house. at this point we looked into a natural balancing supplement and decided to give Simba- Zylkene® to try.

I thought Zylkene® would be perfect because it’s a balanced behavior supplement (natural and allergen free) for dogs with slight to moderate stress and anxiety levels.

I gave Simba one tablet on a daily basis with his dinner (I just crack open the pill and mix with his wet food) and since then, I could tell he is more calm and knock on wood- the accidents have not happened.

It’s been almost 3 months now (yes they are safe to be given long term) and I love how easy it is to implement into his food- and he doesn’t even taste it.

Nate also started giving it to Juno for her anxiety (panting, pacing, stress etc). For her anxiety with rain, wind, and loud sounds aka fireworks for 4th of July today- and it’s helped a lot.


Zylkene® works for situations like: storms, fireworks, new guests, road trip, traveling, vet visits, new pets, new home or even being alone or in a crate.

We are on our third bottle now and I feel at ease knowing that I have something to turn to when they are stressed or about to be in stressful situations

I highly recommend doing your research- reading the reviews - and giving it a try!

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post.

I’ll talk to you soon

Xx remi