Kitchen Organization


Hey guys!

Super excited to share another organizing episode for my kitchen! After remodels were completed, I contacted Dany at Spatial Soulutions to see if she could help me mindfully organize the flow of my kitchen, inside the cabinets and drawers for me. She did the organizing in my bedroom, office and bathroom and I knew that starting fresh with her in the kitchen would be super important!

I didn’t have a kitchen for 7 months so I am NOT taking a second in here for granted! I cook more, bake, eat here, and work here - and because it’s a high traffic area- the more organized it is- the more time I save.

That’s why I love having Dany come in!

Anyway here’s how my kitchen looked when she first walked through it:



Dany opened up every cabinet and drawer. She asked me a bunch of personalized questions on how I use my kitchen and then gave me suggestions on where she felt things should be placed so that it’s more functional. A lot of my kitchen goods were actually still in boxes in the garage at this point- so we sorted through what I wanted to keep and donate and brought that those items inside. It was clear that I needed organizational drawer dividers, bins, containers from the Container Store to properly finish the job- so we placed an order and waited till our next meeting to finish up.



For our second meeting, Dany sorted through our container store order and started fitting dividers and bins into the drawers. This is when all the magic happens!


Let dive into the details~

The marble counters are one of my favorite features of the kitchen so I wanted as much of it to show - which meant mindfully having a place for everything that didn’t look aesthetically pleasing and putting it away.

Dany and I agreed to keep my most used appliances on top - including my egg boiler/toaster, Smeg kettle and Echo Show.

She asked me where I do my morning meal prep and based on that, we decided to decant the oats and superfoods I use most into glass jars. This has made prepping for oats and baking so much easier and intuitive plus it looks so so pretty!

Next, she started taking out all of my cooking utensils, mixing bowls, strainers, measuring cups etc.

We ended up putting the most used cooking utensils inside two plastic drawer organizers - to keep everything from sliding around- next to my stovetop for easy access.

As far as dishes and cups go, I decided to keep what was practical and what I actually saw myself using on a daily basis in the kitchen. I donated all others.

Spices and ghee butter were organized onto TWO bamboo tiered spice racks- which is GENIUS. There’s nothing worse than pushing spices around on your tip toes trying to find what you need!

She also put my oils, vinegars, cooking sake on rotating bamboo lazy susan. PRO TIP- if you’re short and can’t reach/see the top of your cabinet- this is a game changer.

Every single food item in my kitchen lives in a drawer or container. It’s amazing how easy it is for me to grab a snack or unload my groceries when I know where everything is! One of my favorite transformations is my snack/grains cabinet. Dany and I installed 4 mesh drawers by ourselves (yes it was annoying but easy to install lol) and transformed this cabinet into a very usable space- separating snacks at top and grains on the bottom. I love how I can easily pull out the drawer and see everything I have in there.



AFTER   Products Used:  Medium Cabinet Shelf


Products Used: Medium Cabinet Shelf



We got a few risers for organizing the cups and pans. I love how neatly it looks stacked on a bamboo shelf and we store pot lids are separately on a lid rack- making it space efficient and easy to put away from the dishwasher.

On to Tupperware! We again, like we did for pots and lids and water bottle and lids, separated all containers from their lids and kept them separate. You can find the lid organizer here.

A4678C16-3B0F-4193-83BE-2D868FFCCCCC 2.JPG

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kitchen and love spending time in here. I find that I’m cooking a lot more and excited about creating new recipes and trying out new foods. If you’re feeling like you’re in a slump with cooking or eating healthy, I highly suggest trying to organize it! I promise it’ll make your life ten times easier!


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