Reset with Remi - Fall Challenge!!

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This summer has been amazing, loaded with fun opportunities and trips but my healthy eating habits and workout routine has been LACKING. Along with the normal business of summer I recently bought a house and have been dealing with a ton of renovation issues. Surprise surprise. So the house has been a second job!

I began to prioritize house stuff over taking care of myself, mistake number 1, which led to me feeling guilty for not taking care of myself and it’s been a vicious cycle since.

Now that I’m home from my Europe trip I feel like I’m ready to break out of this slump and get back to my good old routine! I know I feel BEST when I’m taking care of my body through workouts, a healthy diet, skincare and other self-care rituals.

So here’s the deal. If you are feeling like it’s time to reset your routine and form some new habits then I’d LOVE for you to join me! I'm calling this challenge #ResetWithRemi . I hope you will join me so that by the end of the year we will FEEL proud and CONFIDENT for what we have accomplished!

For me to stay motivated, I have to write my routine down and physically cross it off my list each day. I figured since I created my own template to do this, why not share it with you too. The sheet will help track our goals each week and is a perfect chill Sunday night activity before the week starts.


I’ll be tracking habits that pertain to workouts, diet, hydration and self care.

On the work out front- I've chosen to do @madalingiorgetta 's 12 week Gym based Booty/ Full body guide. I'm so excited!! I've been wanting to work on my booty for so long and since the Kayla BBG days my booty disappeared!! #cardio ... lol. My goal is to be at the gym by 7 am each morning. 

On eating well- I will be doing @Sakaralife 10 day reset and will eat mostly plant based. I will not have any DAIRY, REFINED SUGAR, PRESERVATIVES, GMOS. I will minimize gluten to just once a day (lunch or dinner). I will also drink 5 bottles of water / day minimum and take my probiotics and supplements. 

On self care- I will not use my phone 1 hour upon waking and 1 hour before going to bed. I will sleep each night at 10:30 pm and wake up at 6:30 am. I will make one self care moment a day (either a bath, facial, solo walk, massage friend time) and will write in my gratitude journal every single day- morning and night.

Okay so here's the best part! You can download my Habit Tracker PDF and use it each week to write your goals, track your habits and witness your amazing growth!

Make sure you print a few copies for the full duration of the challenge! Mine will be 12 weeks total.







You can download my Habit Tracker PDF here