House Progress: Outdoor Patio of My Dreams!


Thank you to my friends at Bed Bath & Beyond for making my patio goals come to life!

My backyard patio has quickly become my new HAVEN! I have meetings here, meditate, eat , relax with Simba and monkey (separately of course)..we even considered having a little under-the-stars-sleepover >.< . Ian and I have really taken advantage of our new charcoal BBQ because our kitchen in still under construction. We've literally cooked every meal on the grill so we're both pretty much a pro at this point haha!



Anyway this little area used to be all dirt and bark with a DIY fire pit in the middle so there was A LOT of work to be done. I wanted a cozy vibe at night, so I decided to have market string lights hung first. Next up I had my contractors clean up and level the dirt so we could put in 18" square concrete pavers with artificial turf in between. I love that how low maintenance it is but still looks so pretty!

I really LOVED how it turned out!! It actually feels like a cozy destination to chill in for hours. I also asked the gardeners to trim up the bamboo which created even more space and height.

Next up was furniture! I went back and forth between using this space as a lounge or dining area but because I wanted to host a ton of summer BBQs and dinners- I went with a dining set. And I have been getting SO much use out of it already!


I actually found ALL of my outdoor furniture and accessory needs at Bed Bath & Beyond! I chose the Forest Gate 6-Piece Acacia X-Back Dining Set in Brown which I absolutely adore and set it up over the Miami Sisal Outdoor Rug in Tan. I LOVE sitting here with my laptop and bare-feet on the rug with Simba lying under the table.


The Willow Table Runner in Natural lays over the table and of course I had to get gold flatware (Olivia & Olivia Harper 20-Piece Flatware Set in Gold).


Aside from the table area, I also got the Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speakers which are amazing because they are waterproof so I don't have to worry about bringing them inside overnight. They are WIRELESS so I can move them around anywhere to set the scene AND they are bluetooth so I can listen to anything from an audiobook to podcast or music.


Lastly, I got a propane heater. I know I know "but Remi you live in LA". But guys it does get cold here and with this Hanover Umbrella 41,000 BTU Propane Patio Heater I know I can enjoy my patio allllll year round plus it kind of gives this area legit restaurant vibes ; )


Now with my patio complete I can host dinner parties outside!! All the dishes, glassware, cheese plate/knife etc. even the pitcher, wooden bowls, and candles are from Bed Bath & Beyond! I was super surprised by the variety they had and how cute everything looked together. 


In my old place the only outdoor space I had was the front steps. Now I feel like I have the most perfect patio I could've dreamed of to hang out with friends. Please stay for as long as you'd like summer  :D

PS. If you come to the front door and no one answers, chances are we're hanging out here!