Hi guys!!

I'M SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS NEWS WITH YOU... exclamation mark x 199999

If you're here then you probably saw my IG post announcing that I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!

It feels surreal and thinking about my new life here and how I'm going to re-do it keeps me up literally all night ha ha ha

I started looking for a house in October of last year for a few reasons:

1. I had saved enough money for a down payment and investing in real estate sounded super exciting to me!

2. I felt like it was time for a change - I've been at my current place for 3.5 years !

3. I set a goal (I didn't think I could manifest at the time) of buying a house by the time I was 30  ( I turned 30 last month) ahhh

4. If Instagram went away tomorrow, I could walk away with a valuable asset I OWNED (this was very important to me)

So with the emotional support of my family and Ian, I got pre-approved for a loan and started looking.


I didn't want to share much about my home journey on social media because it can be heartbreaking to put in offers and then not get the house... so I wanted to wait until the right timing and until I closed escrow to share this : )

During the last 22 days of escrow though, I made a video documenting the entire process and what I've been up to!!


JUNE IS GOING TO BE A BUSY MONTH OF REMODELING, but I CANNOT wait until JULY BC that's when I'll (hopefully) officially move in!

Thanks for being a part of this journey , I'm so grateful I get to share this with you!!