How to Properly Hydrate!


If I had to give just one health tip, mine would be to drink more water!! If you guys follow my IG stories - you know that this was one of the challenges I gave my dad to do after finding out he was only drinking 1 glass of water and a coffee a day! 

Our bodies NEED WATER to properly function. If we lose even 2% of our body weight through sweat, we are considered significantly dehydrated which leads to headaches, muscles cramps, cravings and fatigue later on. eek!


The recommended amount is about 8 cups per day but since I like to stay super active and SWEAT a lot, my goal is around 12 cups!

But it's not just about water. Understanding electrolytes is important too! When you sweat and lose are also losing electrolytes - especially sodium.

Your body need sodium to hold onto water and stay hydrated. So it's handy to drink an electrolyte infused water like Propel to help restore the minerals. Each person loses a different amount of sodium and electrolytes when they sweat and there's actually a test for this so you don't OVER or UNDER-hydrate. I had the opportunity to get this done at the Propel event a couple months ago and found out that I am not a salty sweater and was actually over-hydrating myself. Interesting right!

Typically though, I like to drink water regularly through out the day rather than waiting until I feel thirsty and I listed some of my tips below!


Here how I properly hydrate:

Wake up and hydrate: 2 cups (one super large glass) of lemon water first thing in the morning 

Begin workouts hydrated: I drink two cups of water right before going to the gym 

Hydrate while you sweat: I drink about a cup every 20 minutes during the workout (slow and steady!). I boost my water intake while I workout with Propel Strawberry Lemonade. TRY THIS FLAVOR ITS SO GOOD! It's sugar free with added vitamins and electrolytes.

 PropelElectrolyte Water has the same level of electrolytes as Gatorade and they have a ton of other flavor options too (watermelon, berry, black cherry, grape, lemon, orange and peach) and it's not just for athletes but for anyone who moves their body. I love it extra cold and it tastes good so it's easier to stay hydrated!

Rehydrate after exercise: Full water bottle through the afternoon (2 cups)

Quick sip before bed: 1 cup nighttime elixir before bed - water infused with collagen and magnesium. 

There you have it!  I hope this inspired you to drink more water today!


Happy hydrating