NIOXIN 30 day System Kit Hair Review!



I'm excited to write this review! I've been testing out the Nioxin 3-Part System Kit for over 2 months now and using the Shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment exclusively every time I washed my hair!

Why did I start it?

In my early 20's my hair used to be thick,  annoyingly thick. So much so that blunt hair cuts would look like I was wearing a helmet (3 " thickness at the bottom all around) lol. That's why I've always opted for longer layers and would ask my hair stylist to thin out the ends. So long were those days though because my hair has definitely thinned out.


I'm not complaining because the thickness is much more manageable now than it was back then, but due to the number of times I bleach and dye it, I've put my hair through A LOT and noticed that I was losing hair at a faster rate.

I've also always been self conscious of my hair line because it's way thinner compared to the rest of my hair. I never slick my hair back because of the thin, patchy-ness in the middle which sometimes makes me feel self conscious. It's NOT bad, but it's always bothered me- I even got extensions just in the front to fill it out in the beginning of the year,

Anyway due to these concerns and damage of my hair I was intrigued to try Nioxin's System Kit and wanted to test if it worked! I read up on the Nioxin stats that "77% feel like having more hair, 86% believe hair is strengthened against damage, and 72% believe hair is thicker-looking after 2 weeks." I was intrigued and I had nothing to lose by trying! 

The Review

The kit comes with a cleanser shampoo, a scalp therapy conditioner and a scalp and hair treatment. Since I normally only wash my hair every four days I committed to washing it every other day to get the best results!

I was actually nervous at first to make the switch in my hair care routine because I have been using the same (Oribe Gold Lust) for over a year. 

But from the first use of Nioxin's shampoo and conditioner, I could already tell that I was going to love it. The shampoo works itself up to a nice lather and the antioxidants and vitamins in the product help clean hair follicles in your scalp from clogging and leaves a super refreshed and tingly feeling afterwards. I love this especially after a workout. 


Before and After Conditioner (Top Photos)

What I was really impressed with though was the quality of the conditioner. I like to judge my conditioner by how easy it is to detangle my hair without having to tug and pull on my hair to detangle it. The minute this conditioner touches your hair, it detangles, provides moisture and makes it SILKY smooth. Over time, I noticed that less hair was falling out in the shower.

I love the skin-care approach Nioxin takes on the scalp using good-for-you ingredients and strengthening your hair against breakage from the ROOT/SCALP down.

The Results!


The two photos above were taken 2 months apart. Not only am I losing WAY LESS hair when I tie and un-tie my hair, when I'm showering, sleeping, driving etc but I can SEE THE DIFFERENCE. My hair looks healthier, fuller, and there is WAY less breakage. 

I even had my front extensions taken out to see if it looked fuller, and it did! Enough so that I didn't put them back in : ) My hair stylist also told me I had less breakage during my last bleach out.


YEP I'm really happy with the results and I will def continue to use it!

I hope you guys found this review helpful and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. As always , thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, love you x 10000