PropelCo:Labs Fitness Festival Recap!


This past weekend I attended a fun fitness festival hosted by Propel water!  It was like a Coachella for fitness classes, healthy foods, mingling and photo opps allll day long. They offered so many classes over the 2 days and narrowing down which ones I wanted to take was harder than i thought haha! It was a good problem to have though : ) Anyway I registered for classes I already love plus some new ones I’ve never tried!


I got there around 9 am and immediately saw so many familiar faces. Any nerves I had for the day were gone because I knew I was going to be surrounded by friends that were all there to sweat and have fun.


First class (10 am): Mark Ronsen x SpeedPlayLA

Definitely didn't start this day off slowly. My heart was pounding within the first 10 minutes with Xavier Quimbo founder of Speedplay. He worked us through plyometric bodyweight moves like burpees, squat jumps, sit ups and lunges.


The energy and the blasting music kept us all going and I was drenched by the end. I hydrated with Propel's Watermelon flavor for a quick electrolyte boost before class number 2. SO REFRESHING and just what I needed.


Second class (11 am): ToneHouse

I didn't really know what to expect for this one because I've never tried before but it was really fun! It was a team style workout led by Alonzo Wilson the founder and lead trainer. He started the class with a team huddle and then we split into teams to do relay races and  mini drills from one side of the room to another. It was super motivating because everyone was cheering everyone else on. I never really played team sports and do most of my workouts solo or with one gal pal so it was very fun and encouraging!


Third class (12 pm): Yoga for Bad People

I was so curious what this class was all about! To Heather Lilleston “bad people” refers to people that break habits/barriers and destroy the obsession to fix what’s “wrong with you” and instead search for balance through yoga. It was nice to take a slow paced chill class especially after the two HIIT classes.


I had a little bit of spare time before my scheduled sweat test so I refueled with a yummy grain bowl and chilled by a fan to cool off.


Fourth Class (1:30): GSSI Sweat Test and Peloton

When it was time to do the sweat test, I had no idea what to expect! The scientists of Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) were there to measure the amount of fluid you lose during a high intensity workout to determine the amount of hydration you require! Cool right!


They weighed me in and put a little sweat patch on my forearm. In order to participate.....I had to get sweaty again and do a 45 minute Peloton bike ride. Whew! Afterwards they weighed me again and weighed all the water I consumed during the workout (by measuring what was left in my bottle), and started the analysis.


Here’s how they explain the sweat test to me: You lose sodium while you’re sweating and its having sodium in your body that helps KEEP you hydrated because sodium attracts water. Professional athletes really have to maintain a careful balance of hydrating enough to replenish without overhydration because overhydration would also dilute the natural levels of sodium we need. That’s why hydrating with liquids like propel water - with electrolytes (like sodium) help replenish and retain fluids in your body longer.

After that 4th sweaty workout, I WAS DONE for the day! I had a blast and would definitely go to another event like this! Such a fun environment to tick off your workouts for the weekend, learn from the pros, meet some new people and get our sweat on!