Arm blaster workout with a booty band



Toning your arms doesn't have to be BORRRING! I've been using my booty band for a challenging arm workout and doing these 6 exercises from home or whenever I'm traveling. My arms are getting stronger and stronger and I love it!

With any workout, it's important to have a deodorant that keeps up with you! Secret Deodorant recently came out with an Active line that works harder the more you sweat, so it's perfect for a workout like this!

The Invisible Solid stick in SPORT is my favorite scent and I love that it goes on clear. It lasts through my workouts and I don't have to be self-conscious about deodorant stains on my sports bra or odor during or after my workout.

Let's get started! All you need is a mini resistance loop. You can find a variety of resistance levels on Amazon.

Arms Day in 6 Exercises


Single arm row - 15 reps per arm x 3 sets: In a lunge position with you back knee on the ground, engage your core and pull your elbow straight back. The band should be looped on the opposite foot from the arm you are pulling with. Ie. hook on right foot and pull with left arm. 


Bicep curl - 10 reps x 4 sets: In a lunge position hook the band over the same foot and the arm you are working. Extend from <180 degrees to >90 degree. So don't lock your elbow at the bottom! 


Walking lateral plank 6 times each way x 3 sets: Resistance band is around forearms, start with your hands about shoulder distance apart in a high plank. Step your right hand and foot out into a wider stance position. Then step your left hand in to return to the closed position. out then follow with your left. Move back into the middle and repeat 6 times then switch and lead with left hand.


Reverse shoulder press - 15 reps x 4 sets: Reach arms high over head and pull one arm down into a 90 degree position. Repeat 15 times per arm before switching arms. 


Tricep pulses- 15 reps x 4 sets: Slight bend in your knees, core in engaged and your slightly bent forward. Keep your back as flat as possible and pull arms away from each other. 



Woodchop - 15 reps x 4 sets: A two part movement. Start at your pulling arm at your opposite elbow, pull to your inner shoulder, slight pause, then pull to your far shoulder. Release slowly. *pull, pull, release, release*. 



Rear delt standing flys - 15 reps x 4 sets: Stand tall with a slight band in your knees. Put the band around your wrists and lift up to 90 degrees creating tension in the band. Spread arms open and you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Close together but do not let the band release. Tension the whoooole time! The final push!! 

Whew! You’ve worked your biceps, triceps, shoulders and even your back. If your arms feel like they are incapable of even picking up your water bottle you’ve done a great job! ;)


Thank you Secret Active for inspiring me to share my arm blaster workout! It kept me feeling fresh from start to finish, and is available at CVS Pharmacy! Definitely worth a try if you don't use it already!

Hope you guys enjoy this workout and happy sweating!!



This blog post was sponsored by Secret but all content and opinions are of course, my own!