Intro to Japanese-Beauty!


I'm SO EXCITED to share everything I learned about J beauty while I was in Tokyo with Shiseido!

My mom is Japanese so without realizing it, Japanese culture was engrained in me since I was young.

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Going to Tokyo with Shiseido this year was like a dream come true for me. I grew up seeing their products on my mom's bathroom counter and whenever I snuggled next to her face, I could smell the familiar scent of the lotions, and it always brought back good childhood memories.

At that time I couldn't afford Shiseido and I didn't understand the importance of skincare yet. It wasn't until the past few years (and if you're younger I suggest starting asap ) that I developed a habit of really, I mean really, taking care of my skin.


What's beautiful about Japanese beauty is that it's subtle. It goes much deeper than what you see on the outside... J beauty is grounded in centuries of history and culture and is based on the elegance of RITUALS, valuing simplicity and mindfulness above all. 

J-beauty and Shiseido is grounded upon the following 3 principles and I want to start with my favorite one!



Having a mindset of meticulous care from the bottom of your heart; through compassion and empathy. 

So what does that mean exactly?

Well in Japan, omotenashi is seen everywhere! It's the idea of having the utmost care and consideration for others from the purity of your heart. It's reflected in the impeccable customer service to how they live and interact with each other day to day.


For example: if you ask a store associate where the subway is, they will most likely come out from behind the counter and walk you out of the mall, to show you exactly where you need to go.

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They really go above and beyond and have thought out all the details before you could even think of it. If you buy something at a store and it's raining outside... they will package your items with a plastic cover and walk out from behind the counter to hand you your purchase with a deep bow of appreciation. 

While I was staying at the Aman hotel, I asked an associate where the nearest ATM was. She literally walked me out of the hotel, down the subway steps, until we got to the ATM and stayed there until I had the cash in my hand in case I ran into any issues. I was so shocked!


So how does omotenashi tie into J-beauty?

Well you can imagine how Japanese facial massages are performed knowing their attentiveness to detail.


A top Shiseido Aesthetician showed us how she gives her clients a facial massage. From applying product in a mindful manner to the way she used tissue paper and tossed it in an elegant and purposeful way. She said that properly learning how to fold and use tissues was one of the first lessons they learn as Shiseido aestheticians. 

You will also notice Japanese women and men look pristine from the way they style their hair to their make up and wardrobe. They are mindful of their appearance and others and see beauty in every detail. 


The second principle is Kanso, a concept influenced by Zen philosophy that refers to simplicity. It's the grace and beauty of keeping it simple. 

This is reflective in J beauty routines because Japanese women don't overcomplicate things with a 10 step routine. They use fewer products that are time-tested to work. Their skin care routine usually consists of a foamy cleanser or oil, a softener, serum and moisturizer and they use each one in a mindful manner to get the most out of their routine.


Softeners (usually the second step in the routine) are unique to J-beauty! Shiseido's oldest product is Eudermine Revitalizing Essence from 1897 and it's stuck through the years for a good reason. It softens, polishes and moistens at the same time. It gives your skin a nice dewy texture and helps prepare the serum to absorb better onto the skin. I am obsessed!

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The final principle J-beauty is Shibui - which refers to simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty.

Something may look simple but the subtle details are what make it unique and beautiful. For example Japanese women are not show-y, their make up is humble, but they put extra care and into their skin care so they shine from the inside out!

"Less is more" when it comes to j-beauty and you can see this is on the streets of Tokyo. Japanese women wear natural, bright eyed make up and put emphasis on having beautiful translucent skin. 


There you have it! These are the building blocks of what makes Shiseido and j-beauty unique. Was it what you expected? Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Also, I've created my own J-beauty inspired skincare routine and can't wait to share how to give yourself a relaxing J-beauty facial massage too. Talk soon!!