How I Organize My Closet


A couple of months ago I really..and I mean REALLY organized my closet! I created a whole new system and it's been working really well! I don't have a ton of space to work with so I really have to make due with what I have. 

First thing I did was build some shelves! This is a great way to add levels and double or triple your closet space! I didn't want to make any holes in the walls because I don't own my place so I just got some cinder blocks and planks of wood!


I put two ( 1ft x 1 ft) cinder blocks on the floor and laid 3 planks of wood across. Before I went to the hardware store, I measured out the length of my closet and had an employee cut the wood to the exact length I needed. The cinder blocks I used were found in the garden/outdoor section and was the perfect height for the shelf. Once I laid the first shelf down, I added another layer of cinder blocks on top of the first shelf and more planks of wood on top. Within 7 minutes, I had 3 levels of shelves on the bottom of my closet using no hammer, nails or tools! 


Next I got some wire mesh bins from the Container Store so that I could organize them by different categories of clothes. (Everything will be linked on the bottom of the post)

I have a bin for fitness tank tops, a bin for sport bras, and a bin and a half for workout leggings ; ). I also have a pajama bin, a jean bin and a 'airplane clothes'/ sweats  bin, you know the real comfy clothes that are still super cute!


When I fold my clothes into these bins I use the Japanese Konmari method that allows you to see the the rows of shirt or pants without having to mess up your whole drawer! I learned this method from my aunts in Japan. They would always re-pack my suitcase for me in this way to make space for all the gifts and knick knacks I bought.

Gym shorts bin:


Workout leggings bin:


Sports Bra bin:

Not only does it allow you to store more clothes, I love that you can quickly glance and know what you have in your closet without throwing your clothes around to see what's on the bottom of the drawer. It has also helped me STAY organized, which is the best part. 


I color coordinate and hang all my sweaters, jackets, coats and any tops that wrinkle easily. I also have TWO hanging shoe racks on both sides of my closet doors because, let's admit- I have a TON of shoes. I use the metal hanging rack for sneakers and the cloth hanging wrack for sandals and flats.


Lastly I have bins for the top of my closet and store my crop tops, bikinis, shoe boxes, bags, and linens. I officially use 100% of my closet and it feels great. 


I love that EVERYTHING has a place- it makes it way easier to put stuff away after laundry days. I just set a timer for 15 minutes and get it done. 

I also make it a habit to clean my room EVERY NIGHT before going to bed. Put back stray clothes, make my bed, clean up the top of my dresser, light a candle, sage, etc. It helps me unwind and I love waking up to a clean room.

I hope this helped you guys and gave you some tips for organizing your own closet! 

Have fun



Here's the supplies I used!
Cloth Shoe Rack 20-Pocket Eco-Fabric Over the Door Shoe Bag
Metal Shoe Rack 18-Pair Overdoor Wire Storage Shoe Rack in Silver
1 elfa Narrow Mesh 2-Runner White
5 elfa Medium Mesh 2-Runner White Bins
2 elf Wide Mesh 2-Runner White