2019 New Years Resolutions


Goodbye 2018!

What a year… I had some huge wake up calls and moments of self discovery and definitely felt the impact of Saturn return- which apparently happens every 29.5 years. Helloo ~ 30s and growing pains : D

During Saturn return “you will come face to face with wake-up calls and be forced to push through them and face your fears”. Not only did I end my relationship of 7 years which came with a lot of heartbreak and ultimately self discovery, it was a year of many fresh starts as well.

I turned the big 3-0, bought my first home in Los Angeles, I adopted Simba and LOVE being a dog mom, I grew my team and had one of the best years yet with my blog and instagram, rekindled friendships, and traveled nearly every other week for work!

I also began seeing a psychologist for the first time in my life to help me move forward from an expired relationship. He held me accountable and helped me face the dreaded loneliness and work past it. We also defined my non-negotiables as I start dating again- so I don’t run into the same patterns in a new relationship. it’s been life changing.

I also worked a lot this year on transparency, it’s not the easiest thing to do but being open and honest with you guys has only led me to connect with you all on a deeper level and when I do, I feel human, real, and it feels gewd.

I learned a lot this year and have so much to be grateful for. Now that 2019 is here -of course I’m setting some resolutions for the New Year and sharing them with you guys!

  1. Cooking (most of) my meals at home! I finally have a functioning brand new kitchen and I will be using it DAILY to cook! I love cooking simple, healthy and easy meals. I’m very sick of ordering in which is what I had to do during the months of renovations ie. months of contractors ghosting me. I am so happy to have a fridge full of healthy nutritious foods all the time!

  2. Growing my own herbs & making my own compost at home! On the side of my garage, I have a nice dirt patch that I’m composting to make the most nutrient dense soil ever to start growing simple herbs like mint, basil, green onion etc. There’s something magical about cutting fresh herbs right before adding them to a dish, cannot wait for this!

  3. Dial in on my fitness routine. I’ve bounced around with the number of workouts I do weekly but I ALWAYS feel better when I move my body every day. I’m going to try and get back into the 6x per week habit by working out at 5am every morning on the week days and 9am on the weekends, and my ‘rest’ day will include a active recovery stretch and long walk with Simba!

  4. Launch something that is my OWN that really truly truly helps others! This is a BIG one and I am going to be the guinia pig of my own experiment and I CANNOT wait to see the results. Stay tuned!!

  5. Continue bonding with Monkey and Simba and continue working on their relationship. These two have come a longggg way and I’m so happy they can be in the same room together. We’ve bonded a lot but I know next year Simba will settle into our family even more and I hope to equally spend time with both :P

  6. Host a house partyyyy. I really do love cooking for people but any more than 4 and I get really nervous and anxious so I’m challenging myself to host 8-12 people this year!

  7. Landscape my front yard!! My front yard is bigger than the back and besides a big patch of grass, there isn’t much landscaping in the front of the house- so I’m hoping to plant some flowers and greens to make it look cozy and chic.

  8. Finish decorating my home. This has been a slow and steady process and I’ve been really patient with finding pieces I love. Even if it means sending back 3 rugs and multiple furniture. In 2019 I’ll be added those final details like curtains and smaller decor pieces to really make it feel like a finished home!

  9. Get my money back from my contractors. I’m NOT dropping this! It sucks to have to continue to carry around the stress and anger I have towards them but I WILL get everything sorted so they will hopefully never be able to do this to someone else again.

  10. Travel Internationally! This year I want to check a few more NEW places off my bucket list. I really want to visit China, Alaska and Korea and of course I want to go back to Japan :)

I’m going into 2019 with an open heart and it’s going to be the year that I complete projects that have been lingering in my mind for while. There will be lot of personal growth, a lot more adulting and many many more amazing memories!

Thank you so much for following along on my 2018 journey! See ya in the new year!



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