Cooking with Hatsue: Veggie Stock made with leftover scraps! SO DELICIOUS!


YESSS Veggie stock is delicious, can be used as a delicious base for sooo many dishes or you can have it alone on a cold winter day to warm your body up. I’ve also added udon noodles to it or rice as a porridge. This dish like all other dishes in the #cookingwithhatsue series is versatile and of course DELICIOUS and HEALTHY!

The best part of this soup stock is its completely vegan and made out of veggie scraps you might normally just throw away. Believe it or not these scraps hold sooo much flavor and it feels good putting it to good use!

This recipe is meant to be made along side any other main dish you are making. Let’s say you’re making the Tsukune ball recipe. Toss all veggie scraps like ends and tops of green onions, roots of sweet onion, ginger scraps, tomato tops, cauliflower leaves, carrot tops, etc into a medium sized soup pot so nothing goes to waste. If you have older veggies this is the time to add to the pot!

As you can see - this isn’t an exact recipe, it’s more about the left over veggie scraps you have while you are cooking. ANYTHING GOES, so don’t worry your soup will come out tasting great. I find though, that adding green onions and onion tops really add yummy flavor.


Once you added all scraps to the pot, fill the pot full with water so all ingredients are covered. Then boil on medium high heat and bring to a low heat and let it cook while you make other dishes. The veggies will soften and the soup flavor will come out. Before you serve the soup, (we only drink the soup not eat the scraps), add in a little soy sauce to taste or salt and pepper. And that’s it! you have a delicious soup stock that you can use for making this DELICIOUS carrot soup, or to have on its own, or to make noodles or porridge with.


Once you finish the first batch of soup, you can add more water and do it a second time. Feel free to add any new veggie left overs you have to add more flavor but it should be able to go another time!

I hope you found this recipe helpful and next time you cook remember to save the scraps!

Remember to tag me so I can see your creations!! Happy cooking :)