DIY at home facial - Multimasking!


I feel like we’ve all had that moment where we want to do a face mask but can’t choose which one…My forehead is oily, I have bigger pores around my nose, but my cheeks are dry so should I go for something moisturizing or cleansing? How do I pick?

This is why multi-masking is genius. You can literally target each specific area to what it needs.

I like to set the scene when I do a DIY facial... Light a candle, run a bath, put on some soft music. Maybe something you haven’t listened to in a while and prepare your favorite cup of tea.

While the bath is running, toss in some epsom salts or a bath bomb and set out your masks. I love using a brush to apply the face masks to get precise with the application. I’m using 5 incredible Kiehl’s products for the DIY facial, let’s get started!


Rare Earth Mask for my T-zone and break outs

This mask is made from amazonian white clay and helps to minimize pores and detoxify skin. Perfect for this oily area. It absorbs the oil but doesn’t leave skin dry since there’s aloe vera in it! For $22 this is one of my favorite masks to use all over my face too especially when I get home from travels.


Calendula Mask on my cheeks

This mask is superrr hydrating and cooling to target redness and dryness. Ding ding ding, perfect for my cheeks especially with this change of weather. Probably my most annoying skin issue is little bumps, hives, and dry patches on my cheeks. Time for some soothing TLC.


The Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask around my smile lines

If YA DIDN’T KNOW I smile and laugh a lot lol and ever since turning 30 I’ve been taking more preventative measures to keep my smile lines looking smooth and fine. I’ve been applying this air whipped mask almost every other day before bed. It’s an overnight mask so you don’t have to rinse off if using SOLO.


Finally the Youth Dose Eye Treatment

Not only is this wrinkle fighting, but immediately brightens and erases fine lines under the eye. Ever since they came out with this eye cream this year, I’ve been hooked. I switch between this one and their avocado eye cream to make me feel awake and de-puffed.

There ya have it! Multimasking is a lot of fun and a real treat to yourself. Let me know if you try it one day and have fun!!

Check out my video to see the full process of how I multimask!