My Home Office Reveal!


YAAYYY My office is DONE!!! WOOT WOOT!

It’s the first room to be fully furnished in my new house and I LOOOOVE how it turned out!

Having 2 bedrooms vs 1 has been sooo nice because I no longer have to share this space with anyone else but the RRAYYME team. It’s just me and my assistant Sunmi but I love how all my PR packages, work related props and camera equipment can all live in one space and not crowd into my bedroom/livingroom etc.

Anyways, it took the help of my professional organizer Dany from Spatial Soulutions to figure out the perfect Feng shui and lay out of the space. I knew I wanted a sitting area and a desk for 2 and it took some tries rearranging it to nail it.

We decided to go with the couch right under the window and the desk on the direct opposite wall. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about that because I’ve always assumed a desk goes under a window, but after seeing this new layout- it felt right and looked good especially when you passed by/entered the room because the welcoming couch was what you saw first.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 8.42.25 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 8.42.32 AM.png

Before furnishing the room we resanded and stained the original wood floor color to an ash-grey-brown, painted the pink window trim all over the house to white, took out the security bars outside the windows, and changed the nasty yellow outlets out to white. After that, the room looked so much more FRESH.

I got most of my furniture from ALL MODERN. I feel like I’ve memorized their website now because of how much I’m on it lol. Our dining room and patio furniture is also from them!


Anyway, I wanted to stay away from my normal aesthetic for this house- which is boho chic/jungalow vibes. I pulled up some Inspiration from Pinterest and really wanted to stay in the color scheme of black, white, and cognac. Staying in a color scheme means, you have to be super intentional about what you have out- and that’s the hardest part!

Therefore I got more storage like my 2 Ikea filing cabinets to not only separate my assistant and my space on the desk but to store all my misc items and files.


My desk is custom by my dear friend and contractor Armando and my 2 leather desk chairs are from All Modern and I love that gives my desk a pop of color.

The black wall shelves and brackets are from Ikea and the black lamp is from All Modern.


I store inscents, essential oils and lighters inside the dark grey desk organizer in the top drawer, and cords, box cutter, measuring tape etc on the bottom.

I also have a mail organizer in the same color as the chairs from Cost Plus World Market and got a pencil holder which is actually a marble vase from Urban Outfitters.


Onto the other side of the room which is the sitting area! The place where I dump all of my shoot clothes and packages and make a big mess JK… : P

I got this grey couch from All Modern and love how it’s not too big or too small. It’s on the firmer side too so it’s perfect for an office setting so you don’t get TOO comfy!


I dressed the couch up with 2 fresh white pillows and a fluffy cognac colored pillow to tie all the colors together.

I also love how the FLUFFY FUR BLANKET and leather floor poof make this sitting area more cozy.

Lastly I put a neutral/gray toned rug in the middle! This is seriously my favorite rug (it looks expensive but it’s actually very very affordable) and it looks good in every room.

My plants and pots are from Rolling greens. I will share those details on a separate post!

Anyway this was a blog post filled with links so you guys can easily see which products I got so I hope you found it helpful!

I’m OVER THE MOON HAPPY with how my home office turned out and feel like I am more productive as ever in this space. I can’t wait to show you how I organized everything in the closets because that’s another blog worthy post with lots of juicy info!!

Talk soon!!