Mindful Home Organization for my Bedroom and Office!


If you’ve been following me along this year, then you know I moved into my new house beginning of June! TIME FLIES!

Today I want to talk about the rooms that ARE COMPLETE in my house and HOW I’ve been working with Dany at Spatial Soulutions to mindfully create and organize my office and bedroom to work with my ‘LIFE-FLOW’.

It’s been a game changer.


Let’s take my office for example…

  • This is where I spend most of my time Monday - Friday

  • My assistant Sunmi comes Monday, Wednesday and Friday and works with me in here

  • This is where I store all of my: PR packages, beauty products, props, and camera equipment

  • This is a space that I never want to be cluttered because when it is I get distracted and don’t work as well.


The Solution:

The first thing we did together was rearrange the furniture in the office so it looked more inviting, spacious, and functional. It was crazy how much of a difference that made to the flow.

Next we got a center divider (an Ikea drawer) between the desk and I picked 2 matching chairs for my assistant and I. You can see more on the furniture I got in this blog post here.


We emptied out both closets and started creating 4 piles for the PR packages… The four categories are; STORY ON IG, REMI KEEPS, GIVEAWAY, TO SELL. Dany helped me pick out the perfect storage crunch baskets (with handles) that fit perfectly in the closet space and labeled everything so my assistant and I knew exactly how to store things going forward.


On to the beauty closet! This was a major project. We lugged the big tupperwear containing all my beauty products from the garage into the office and started sorting through it all. We decided that it would make the most sense to categorize the products so that I knew exactly where to find what I needed. Part of my job is to test new products out and if I can’t find it then what’s the point in having it in the first place right? So we got 16 clear drawers and Dany helped me categorize everything from eye cream , face masks, eye make up, to sunscreen and bug repellent.

Plus we get along like crazy and I don’t mind her telling me “you don’t need this, toss it” and I’m like “okaaay, fine you’re probably right or NOPE i’m keeping it- sorry”. Haha

Through this process, I definitely got rid of ALOT!


She also helped me organize my desk drawers. The top of the drawer are all my essentials like stress oils, incents, memory cards, batteries, anti itch cream (bc mosquitos), and usb drives. The second drawers contain all my office supplies, the third drawer has all my electronics like portable chargers, iPhone cords, smart watch chargers, lap top chargers, and the bottom drawer is where I keep all my momentos.

Having an intentional and dedicated place for everything in my life has been the biggest life changer thanks to Dany’s expertise.

Bedroom Organization

Now let’s go over what we did in my bedroom:

  • I got rid of EVERYTHING that I hadn’t worn in the last 6 months to a year. MAN did this carry WEIGHT in my garage…it felt so good to clear it all out.

  • Because I travel a ton, Dany put all my travel essentials in one place together in this box. Included are my packing cubes, packing list, adaptors, travel blanket, toiletry bag, passport, and travel sized beauty products

  • She also put all my bikinis together into a basket and arranged my purses along the top in an orderly fashion

  • She also got me two shoe racks to go in the bottom of the closet for my everyday street wear sneakers.



My in-built dresser:

  • Dany dedicated my in-built dresser to store my essentials like bras, socks and underwear, and all workout gear organized into sports bras, shorts, leggings and tops.

  • I love how she used drawer dividers to section off and create columns. Keeps everything in place and looks so pretty! I can’t recommend them enough~

  • I also had clumped together my jewelry on a plate which was not the most ideal situation- so we got a jewelry stand to hang my most worn pieces.


What i’ve learned working with Dany is that everything is a work in progress and that it evolves with you and thats how it should be. If something isn’t working for me, or what I thought felt right with starts to feel off, she will make those necessary changes in her next visit until it actually flows perfectly. I feel like I’ve already gotten to the point of perfection now with my bedroom and office and couldn’t be happier.

I truly never believed a professional organizer could have such a positive impact on someones life. But I am 100% certain that your space is a reflection of your mind…messy room= chaotic mind…clean room= focused mind.

Dany’s mission is mindful organization, we didn’t just throw away garbage we considered every piece individually, what value it offered and where it belongs in the flow of my rooms. She asked a lot about me, got to know me and made this whole process so seamless.

This project has been so therapeutic for me and now I truly feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I hope you guys enjoyed the Pinterest-esqe photos hehe and blog post!

I’m also so excited because Dany agreed to GIVEAWAY a one hour free consultation! All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletters here and here and follow us on Instagram here and here.

Good luck!