How to have a productive morning!

As I get older I'm realizing more and more how important it is to have a routine! This year I've been working on a solid morning routine. Mornings are hard and sleeping in is easy but before you know it you're rushing around getting ready, panicking about everything coming up in your day and you start your day off stressed. 

One of my New Years resolutions was to workout everyday in the morning. There are sooo many benefits to sweating first thing and getting it over with before 9 am. I used to do this when I had a full time office job and it literally FELT THE BEST. But ever since I became a full time blogger (aka have a flexible schedule), I found myself procrastinating my workout through out the day and was pretty much feeling ancy until I got it done. 

So this year I've adopted a schedule for myself from breakfast, to working out to taking my supplements to help me set the pace for a productive day. 

It came with some trial and error and def evolves as time goes on but having this structure has really helped me check off more things on my to-do list!


Make it realistic. 

If you know you aren't a morning person don't force yourself to get up at 5am. For me I find sleeping at 10 pm and waking up at 6 works best. Be open to trying new things in the morning to see if it feels right to you.

Write it down somewhere you can see it

When you first start practicing a routine it can be helpful to write it out and then change it as you need to as the first couple weeks play out. I have my routine written on a chalk board!

  1. Oil pull + brush teeth + skin care
  2. Make matcha or juice
  3. Take jane iredale Skin Omegas Supplements
  4. Go to Gym
  5. Make breakfast

I like being able to see my list first thing in the am and it helps drill down my routine in my brain until I can flow through it without referencing it.


Choose things that are most important to you and make sure you fit them in! Maybe its 10 minutes of stretching, maybe it's having time to sit and eat your breakfast instead of taking it in the car on the go. I'm still working on incorporating a mindfulness practice, maybe stretching, reading or meditation but I just have too much energy in the morning and want to get on with it!! Maybe it'll be an evening thing...


Include Skincare


Do your skin a favor and take care of it before bed AND when you wake up! In the morning I always use a cleanser, serum, moisturizer AND SPF plus I take my jane iredale Skin Omegas. I've noticed a big difference in my skin after incorporating the supplements strictly, even after just one month! I used foundation once in the past 30 days because my skin has been looking even and healthy. To remind myself to take my supplements, I set it up on the counter the night before with a glass of water to make sure I take them! 


My Morning Routine in a nutshell:

1. Wake up, oil pull and wash face - I wake up to an alarm, head to the bathroom and pop in some coconut oil for my 20 minutes oil pulling. You can read the benefits of this here. While I'm swishing I wash, cleanse, tone and moisturize my face. 

2. Still swishing I start boiling almond milk to make a matcha latte .  I spit out the oil and immediately brush my teeth after, then finish up making the latte.


3. I set my jane iredale Skin Omegas out the night before and take them shortly after I enjoy my matcha. Because I put coconut oil/butter and collagen in my matcha it has enough calories to help the supplements absorb more easily. The jane iredale Skin Omegas contain omega-3s which actually helps absorb the Vitamin A, E and K that is also found in matcha! Double healthy skin win : )

5. Get ready and head to the gym. I remember the acronym WTHH?? while I'm heading out the door so I don't forget the essentials (Water, Towel, Hair tie, Headphones) 

7. Back home & make a nutrient rich breakfast protein smoothie + shower

After that I'm totally set for the day! I always plan my day the night before so as soon as I sit down to my computer I can see exactly what I need to get started on and then check my inbox for anything new! 

What's your most nonnegotiable part of your morning routine? Leave me a comment below!