Eyelash Extensions Q&A


I've been consistently getting eyelash extensions since October of 2015, so that's ~2.5 years non stop! They are life changing and today I'm going to share my personal experience with them and answer all of the Questions I got on DM!

Lets jump straight in

Q: Where do you get your lashes done?
A: I go to You Doll You in Beverly Hills and my lash specialist name is Kelly. 

Q: What's it like? 
A: You and your lash specialist will discuss your eyelash goals and figure out what shape, length, and type of lash will best suit your eye shape. When I first got them done 2.5 years ago, I told them I wanted it to look suuuuper natural but I remember I was disappointed by the final result. it looked so underwhelming and I quickly realized I wanted more volume and curl. It was def a trial and error process as I kept tweaking what I wanted at every lash fill appointment. So don't worry if it's not perfect the first time...sometimes you don't really know what you want until you see yourself with them on. 

Q: What size do you get? c vs d curve, number of MM length, shape?
A: After trying different things I now consistently get 3D magic lashes (these are queen sable lashes *softer than synthetic mink) and has more hairs per lash extension for volume. I recently switched from C curve to D curve because I wanted to see my lashes pop more when I open them. The length I get is a 13mm and the shape is OPEN (doll-like) in the middle and ELONGATED on the sides ( like a cat eye). 

Q: How much do they cost?
A: I'm sure it varies between cities and countries but in LA your first session can cost you roughly anywhere between $80-$200+ depending on how many pieces you get (80 pieces, 100 pieces, 120-150 etc) and type of lash. Then a fill can cost anywhere between $60-$80 +. I pay $80 for a fill as long as I'm back within 21 days at You Doll You.  


Q: How long does it take?
A: One hour and all my friends and I call it nap time! So relaxing and I usually end up falling asleep. 

Q: Do eyelash extensions make your natural lash hairs fall out?
A: This is a common myth! Your eyelashes have a natural growing cycle and will fall out every 6-8 weeks no matter what. So it's completely natural for your lashes to fall out so that's why its recommended that you go in for a fill every 3 weeks. But if you tug/pull/rub on your eyelash extensions a lot you'll prolly cause your natural ones to fall off sooner, so I just make sure to touch them as little as possible. 

Q: What if they feel uncomfortable?
A: I've never really noticed them.  I know some people are tempted to pick them off/rub their eyes which I've been tempted to do too, but I try to resist. Sometimes the glue can sting also- but I found that wearing contacts while I get them done helps. Also as long as you maintain them  (more below) and they are facing the right direction, they'll feel comfortable. And if you don't love them you can always get them removed! 

Q:How do you take care of them to last 3 weeks before having to go in for a fill?  How do you clean your lashes after wearing eyeliner?
A: Immediately after the fill, I refrain from working out/sweating or getting them wet for 24 hours so the glue sets and dries. After the first day, you are game to do whatever! I would just avoid saunas or face misters. Otherwise after I work out I use Simple Micellar Cleansing Water and a q tip to clean my lashes along the lash line to get the eyeliner off and then will wash my face like normal- splashing water on my eyes but not rubbing them. I also pat my face to dry vs. rubbing.  I don't wear waterproof eyeliner or any mascara so that saves so much time when removing make up. And it's totally cool to swim, get them wet in the shower etc etc like you normally would.


Q: How do you keep your natural eyelashes healthy?
A: I don't do anything supplementary. I guess I'm lucky to still have healthy lashes after so long! However my lash specialist did recommend a lash serum to keep them strong and healthy- but I haven't gotten around to that yet. I did Latisse before I started getting lash extensions and holy cow that serum works WONDERS - my lashes grew triple the length so I know I can always resort to that if I needed. See photo to the right. Note that my lash line did darken as a side effect but nothing eyeliner couldn't cover. 

Q: When do you need to take a break? 
A: I've been getting mine for 2.5 years straight and have yet to take a break! My friend Johanna let her extensions fall out while she was travelling and said she noticed her natural lashes were shorter but not more thin. They grew back to normal length within a couple of weeks! I would just assess how your natural lashes are doing with your specialist and see if a break is a good idea. Kelly said mine are still healthy so I don't feel the need for a break just yet.

Q:What maintenance tips do you have to extend the life of extensions given that we get sweaty on the daily?
A: After cleaning them really well with a q tip and micellar water, I use a dry mascara wand and comb through them each night before bed and when I'm getting ready the next morning. This helps keep their shape and lasts longer!

The real talk here is that eyelash extensions don't save you money. It's an expensive habit but it's one thing I like doing for myself because it saves me time in the morning when I'm getting ready. 


That's alll my eyelash extension knowledge and experience! 

Let me know if you have ANY questions at all!!