My bedroom makeover! BEFORE & AFTER

Hi I'm Remi and if you didn't know... I LOVE redecorating and interior design!

When I was 9, I buried myself in interior design books at the library instead of studying because I LOVED finding new inspiration to rearrange my parents furniture. lol! They always encouraged it too- which was so nice because I was free to do whatever I wanted. They would always ask me to redecorate the house before a big party or whenever our family from Japan or Taiwan were staying with us. I had so much fun! A lot of times I had to get suuuper creative because I didn't have a budget of course : P

Fast forward to today, I'm living  in LA in a cute 1500 sq ft apartment with great natural lighting. I was so lucky to find this place 2 years ago (white walls, wooden floors, updated kitchen) but it never really felt like home until I started decorating it in October. 

As you guys know I work from home and I like to share my life on social so I wanted a space that reflects ME, inspires me and also be practical for what I use it for- home/office/shooting!

So today I'm going to dive right into how I redecorated my bedroom and show you guys before and afters! 

It's one of the most important rooms to me because a). I sleep there b). It's where I do most of my self care c). journal - so I wanted it to inspire all those things.

Let's get to it!


  • No organization for the art or shoe boxes to the right of the bed
  • Bed sits awkwardly high because of the storage drawers beneath it for my clothes
  • Right side of room with the bed feels heavy and the wall with the bench feels minimal and light. Unbalanced.
  • Furniture is Ikea stark white vibes. Nothing wrong with that but I wanted a more earthy, warm feeling.


I used a powerpoint to draft a plan of action! I wanted a new storage system, upgrade to a king bed, sell my dresser and bed frame, and rearrange the room so it feels bigger.



  • I sold my bed frame and drawer unit and put all my clothes into this pretty wooden dresser from Lulu & Georgia. I love the mango wood and geometric brass details. It fits a lot of my clothes and linens too!
  • I love that the dresser creates a focal point as soon as you walk into the room now. The round brass mirror on top also helps create more space
  • I wanted a pop of color to the room without overly doing it, so I went with this rug - I am absolutely obsessed with! The color and geometry is so on point.

We upgraded our bed to a king! I was nervous we wouldn't have enough space but the new placement actually opens up the room and looks really good. We got a platform bed frame so I hung a huge art piece above it- Loving it!

I put my AM and PM skincare routine on top of the dresser and created a dedicated space for self care.

  • One of the simplest way to revamp any room is with plants with cute pots! They are my fav. I hung a plant by the bed and also got a pretty dusty blue planter box for other potted plants.
  • Other decor I picked out from Lulu & Georgia was a cute sea grass and rose basket for magazines by the bed and a pretty white case which I'm going to put a big palm leaf in.

Overall I looove the way my bedroom turned out. The few key pieces like the dresser and the rug  made a huge difference to the room - made it look instantly different. It reflects my outdoorsy nature with pops of pastel colors and lots of green and art!

Let me know what you guys think and if you like redecorating too! Would love to hear what you're working on :)