7 Ways to Avoid Bloating this Summer

Bloating can be SUPER frustrating on the best of days but is especially annoying in the summer because you know..bathing suits, body suits, etc etc.

On a bad day, I end up looking like I'm 6 months pregnant.. I kid you not! But there are lots of simple things you can do to help stop indigestion in the first place and release the bloating if you’re there now!

Things to ditch


If you have chronic bloating you might be facing a food intolerance to something such as dairy or gluten. If you think this is the case a doctor or nutritionist may put you on an elimination diet to help figure out what is triggering you. See a doc and get checked out! For me, gluten (pasta, udon, bread), dairy, and canola oils cause me to bloat.


You know those foods/drinks labeled “sugar free” or “zero calorie”? Chances are they are made with sugar alcohols. Check the label for sorbitol, mannitol and erythritol, or any “-ol” ending sugars. We don’t absorb these compounds or take calories from them which can be super helpful for someone with a disease such as diabetes or obesity- but otherwise, try to limit your intake! Same goes for limiting fructose, a sugar added in processed foods! So next time peep the labels.


Within our body wherever salt is water flows to. That means if you have a lot of salt in your body you will also hold onto water in order to dilute that salt, and this can cause bloating. We consume 80% of our salt intake through processed foods, eek! Try to make home cooked meals and avoid adding salt. Choose low-sodium or no-sodium options and avoid high-sodium condiments like BBQ sauce. Instead try flavouring with salt-less spices, herbs, garlic or onions.

Things to add


Because constipation is a big culprit of bloating we want to make sure this never happens! Avoid it by eating 25+ grams of fibre a day! Fibre is found in fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans. 

Water water water water water water water

Water truly is the magical nutrient and I know you’ve been told to drink your 8+ cups more times then you can count but it really is crucial. Water helps to flush our system, balance the minerals in our blood and keep all our tissues healthy. It also helps with digestion! And when digestion is working right, there’s a less likely chance you’ll bloat.

More Chewing

Chewing your food sounnnnnds like a basic everyday skill that you do without thinking, like breathing. However, most of us (myself included) don’t chew our food nearly enough! There are enzymes in our mouth which help begin the digestion process and if we don’t chew super well they aren’t able to work to their full potential! Then your stomach and intestines try and do all the work but it’s a little too much and then BAM! Bloating begins. Take your time to chew and it will also help you feel fuller faster and stop you from over-eating.

Take De-bloating/Pro-digestion compounds and enzymes

Once the bloat has already appeared we want to feel relief asap! Some research shows that teas such as ginger and peppermint can help, as well as taking probiotics. Taking enzymes also reduces inflammation in your digestive track and also helps break down the food you eat so you can properly absorb all the good nutrients! Win win!

There ya go beauties! 7 ways to avoid bloating and keep that flat tummy and good digestion in check!

Until next time, Xx.

PS. Make sure to talk to a doctor if you experience intense pain, constant bloating and severe indigestion with any diarrhea or constipation.