6 ways to boost your energy without caffeine!

Ah~ coffee. When I think of coffee I think of a slow morning with sun shining in the window, an afternoon working on my computer and pushing through to get a few more hours in, a latte after a long day shopping with a good friend, or a to-go cup with lipstick on the rim. Coffee is part of our culture! But do you ever have that moment when you realize that the headache you have was because you didn't have enough caffeine, or, “If I drink this now there’s no way I’m sleeping tonight, but I’m sooo tired”. When you have those feelings try one of my 6 ways to boost your energy without caffeine. And I don’t just mean coffee, keep in mind that if you are cutting out caffeine entirely remember it’s not just found in coffee but also teas, matcha, colas, chocolate and kombucha!

Let’s get to it!!

If you shower first thing in the morning try spritzing the base of the shower with lemon oil spray and enjoy deep breaths in the citrus-y steam. Citrus oils are naturally energizing and the deep breaths will encourage blood flow. Finish off with a cold rinse and you’ll be squeaky clean, and wide awake!


If your not a morning shower person, try simply splashing your face with cold water followed by  a mist of rose water spray *ahh*

In the kitchen you can substitute that French press for a turmeric latte or non-caffeine herbal tea like peppermint or ginger tea to get your warm cozy fix.  

Use energizing oils in your aromatherapy routine. Try sweet orange or peppermint any time of the day in your diffuser, or on your temples mixed with jojoba or coconut oil. More info here.

On days when you’re sitting for a long period of time make sure to get your blood pumping - give your brain a break for a full work out or simply a 10 minute walk, quick Chainsmokers dance party, 30 pushups or 100 jumping jacks. Follow up with a big glass of cold lemon water and you’ll be re-energized and re-focused.  

Here’s a wild idea..if you’re so tired, sleep!! Power naps and cat naps for 15 minutes can be great re-energize you in the mid-afternoon, just listen to your body. 

There you have it! Next time you're feeling the mid-day slump try one or two of my energizing tricks and let me know you did! 

As always, listen to your body.