20 Random Facts About Me

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  1. I love animals. Growing up I was an only child and lived far away from all my friends. Lucky for me my mom let me have a patio full of animals. I had 30 hamsters, 2 parakeets, 2 bunnies, a dog, a chicken, and a cat. Although I still played with imaginary friends (lol) at least I had all my animals to keep me entertained too.
  2. I was never good at sports and have always been super uncoordinated. Whenever there was a choice between sports and art for after school activities, I always went with art class. Oh and hip hop dance class type workouts? forgettt it. 
  3. I went to Art Center in Pasadena one summer and created some of the best pieces of art IMO. But due to my forgetfulness I left my entire portfolio there after class one day and when I realized it 3 hours later it disappeared and I never saw it again. It was a BIG (& traumatic) LESSON LEARNED! Sigh
  4. I like to play a game called " 3 random words" ALOT. Let's say I'm on a date or we're in a car together...out of no where I'll go " SAY 3 RANDOM WORDS ON THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD, GO!!!" and you’d have to say 3 random words on the spot without thinking. I'm really good at it lol and I like to see how someone's brain reacts being put on the spot like that. It's my fav ice breaker( I'm weird)
  5. When I try something new and I like it, I get obsessed. This happened with Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, my Instagram breakfast posts every morning when I first started this health journey, and going to the same restaurants over and over and now coconut oil pulling.
  6. I love reading self help books. My favorites are Tony Robbins, time management books like Eat that Frog, and currently reading You are Here.
  7. I keep my oral hygiene on triple check because of the amount of cavities I have (30+!) I wasn’t blessed with good teeth genes in that respect even though they are naturally straight.
  8. I have a super good sense of smell and I like to smell everything. My favorite smells are new books when you flip through pages, monkey my bunny ( I'm literally constantly smelling him - he still smells like a baby bunny to me) and Tokyo banana cake. 
  9. I studied abroad in Tokyo my junior year of college and it was one of the best years of my life. It was the year that I embraced being called a "weirdo" and knew what it felt like to be myself. I love traveling for this reason too! 
  10. For whatever reason I've always moved super fast. To me it's a normal speed but to everyone else it's full blast mode LOL. I don't know if I got it from my dad because he's so quick to want to solve things or get things checked off on his to-do list but I always feel the need to get through things FAST. It's a blessing and a curse because I get things done quickly and I can be a great host because with a snap of a finger tea is ready lol but at the same time it makes me clumsy and I make mistakes I could have avoided Orr even bump into walls and stub my toes. Rolls eyes*
  11. Growing up everyone thought I was "anorexic" or "too skinny". It made me feel super self conscious because a. I've never been anorexic and b. I just had the FASTEST metabolism and I couldn't help it! I feel like it wasn't until AFTER college that I grew into my body ( bye stick thin thighs and bony long arms). See photo below.
  12. I'm turning THE BIG 3-0 next year in April. How do I feel in the inside? mmm maturity wise...closer to 22 but also ready for the next chapter like buying a house and starting a family mid 30s.
  13. Whenever I'm in a rut, whether it's about relationships, finances, or career I sit down with a blank paper in front of me and a box of markers. I will go into this in more detail on another post, but I draw what I want to manifest. It's worked for me so many times in the past from dreaming up the career of my dreams to traveling and seeing more of the world. 
  14. My dad is an entrepreneur and he inspired me to be one too! If he can do it with his broken-but -endearing English, than I can too. He's an importer & exporter for artificial flowers. If you ever need artificial flowers for wholesale you know who to contact! Fun fact: he used to import TOYS when I was young. You can imagine how spoiled rotten I was with toys (mountains) hahah
  15. I went to Japanese school every Saturday growing up until high school. That meant there was no such thing as "YAY IT'S FRIDAY", because Friday meant studying for school the next morning which was from 9-3 pm just like regular school. I wanted to murder my mom for making me do this but years later afer graduating I'm SOOO BEYOND thankful because I met some of my best friends there AND I am able to speak and understand Japanese. 
  16. I used to have a myspace account called "Remi Gisele" and I had thousands of followers in high school. My friends made fun of me for it and say it was my calling to have an Instagram now LOL
  17. I'm allergic to peach fuzz. If it touches my face I'll instantly break out into hives.
  18. I'm an organized FREAK when I want to be. This goes for planning out my schedule by the minute, starting any challenge,  writing lists etc. BUT my kitchen cabinets are sooo disorganized with random objects, props, food items etc. and I can't keep it clean for the life of me. Help!
  19. I'm a self taught photo-taker. I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a photographer but I learned how to use my DSLR and camera on my own with a help of some friends.
  20. I LOL a lot. but when something is super super funny and I'm cracking up I use "IAL" for "I am laughing". This is something that Jera (@jera.bean) and I made up over the years and just stuck : D
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My stick legs!

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Dad and I making cotton candy!


I had a lot of fun coming up with the random facts and I hope you got to know me a little more too. LMK if you can relate or do some of the same things I do : P