Coconut Oil Pulling Ritual for CLEAN TEETH!


Hey guys!

As you may have seen on my IG stories- I have been coconut oil pulling for the past month and I wanted to share my experience with you! 

What is coconut oil pulling?

Coconut oil pulling is when you swish coconut oil around in your mouth for 15 minutes before brushing your teeth to improve oral health. The oils break down plaque and bacteria and removes toxins that cause bad breath. Not only that but it is said to whiten your teeth slowly over time as well.

Why did I start?


I'm game for trying anything that boosts my oral health. Although I have naturally straight teeth I wasn't blessed with genes to fight bacteria that causes cavities. Therefore I'm super prone to them ( I have 30+ cavities now) so I do my best to brush my teeth 3x a day, floss every night and now coconut oil pull right when I wake up. 

I also jumped to the opportunity of doing this when I heard that Kopari Beauty- one of my favorite coconut oil beauty brands came out with on-the-go oil pullers! I thought it was genius. They are individually packed to make it easy to grab and go in the morning without thinking and it just made the whole process a lot more convenient. I even went to Buffalo New York and didn't have to break routine bc I had a few packs to last the trip with me.

What was my experience?

Day 1- Before I went to bed, I tried the mint flavored coconut oil and if I'm being completely honest I remember thinking it felt suuuuper gross as the coconut oil warmed up and I still had 14 more minutes of swishing to go. I didn't think I could last that long and I definitely didn't. I spat it out after 2 minutes and brushed my teeth. I remember asking you guys whether you swished at night or in the morning and a lot of you recommended the morning. So the next day I tried it in the AM and I lasted a little longer. By the 4th or 5th day I was working up my swishing powers to 10 minutes and by the end of week 1 , 15 minutes became easy as I found ways to distract myself while I was swishing (getting ready, washing dishes, foam rolling, showering etc)


Day 15- Without fail, I coconut oil swished for 15 days straight and here's my before and after. Although you can't see a huge difference, I can FEEL the difference. 


From the first week of doing it, I already noticed my mouth felt CLEANER, SHINIER and throughout the day I felt like plaque wasn't building up like it used to. I know that sounds gross, but I definitely noticed it. I think that's what made me want to keep doing the challenge. I also noticed that I didn't have bad morning breath so I knew something was working!


Day 28- I never expected to end up liking this ritual but it's made a HUGE difference in my overall oral hygeine. In term of whiteness, my teeth look a bit brighter too so that's a plus! Overall my smile feels more fresh and my gyms and teeth always feel sparkly clean too. 

I'm so glad I gave this 28 day challenge a try. I know that this ones going to stick with me for a while. I'm hooked on the clean feeling and I'm feeling better about going to the dentist for a check up. It would be crazy if they said I had no new cavities one day! I'll have to keep you posted. 



Coco Oil Pullers

Click here for the exact oil pullers I used!
They come in 3 different flavors: coco-mint, coco-vanilla, coco-colada. My personal favorite was the mint. Their products are Vegan, Non-GMO, Cruelty Free, Fluoride Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Phthalate Free.