My 5-min makeup routine for busy day and nights


How’s everyone’s 2017 so far?

One of the things I wanted to accomplish in the new year is more simplicity and efficiency. We all live busy lives and since life doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, I want to focus on making things easier to make more time for our priorities. 

Part of me loves being a girl (hence my eyelash extensions, bi weekly nail appts and how I usually don’t leave the house without a little bit of glowy makeup or brows done), and I’ve always been a big fan of makeup. I still love watching beauty you-tubers on my down time because it inspires me to have fun. I love finding a good routine that fit my busy life. I’m also not good at the precision of some makeup —like using so and so brush for X, or keeping them clean, so I like to use my fingers and kinda make it work in a quick way. You know what I mean?

So to accomplish simplicity mixed with my love for beauty and makeup, I’ve been using Charlotte Tilbury’s new Quick ‘N’ Easy collection. I have been watching and loving all of Charlotte's You Tube videos for YEARS, so I was so ecstatic to see that she created a collection just for busy women who still want to feel beautiful, which I’m all for.

The collection has 4 looks (2 for daytime, 2 for night), and they are made to be used on-the-go and in a flexible manner. Think smudging stain on your cheeks, using lipstick that you can put on without a mirror or precision, and flicking fool proof liner. Everything is super pretty (packaging on point #rosegold) and super easy.

To show you guys what I mean, I took photos with 2 of the four looks. For daytime, I used the ‘Natural Glow Look’ (shown above). I work really hard to have a healthy lifestyle and glow-from-within approach to my life, and these products enhance all of that. Plus, I love that nothing is too heavy and I could wear this look to lunch or the gym, or apply anywhere in between. I used the Mini Wonderglow on my face, Legendary Lashes & Amber Haze on my eyes, Matte Revolution in Very Victoria on my lips, and smeared the Beach Stick in Moon Beach on my cheeks. Boom! Out the door and ready for the day -or out of the gym and ready for the day, ;)!


To step it up at night a little bit, I used the ‘Red Carpet Party Look’ kit for a dinner date night with Ian. Again, I can spend way too long in the bathroom getting ready, but these 3 simple products were perfect for a quick application and to still look super glam. 

I used Wonderglow on my face again (for a natural glow) , then some Rock N Kohl in Barbarella Brown on my eyes (this was SO easy to swipe on and smudge for smokey eye). For my lips I used Cheat Lip Liner in Kiss N Tell & Matte Revolution in Red Carpet Red. I’m not a huge lipstick wearer but this liner and lipstick looks SO GOOD on. Ian was a big fan, too :P


So there you have it, my 2017 simplified and quick makeup routine! What are your beauty goals for the new year? If you’re on-the-go like me, try out these products — I promise they’ll make you feel pretty & fresh while making your life easier!

Talk soon xx

Photos by @frankie1white