My winter skin routine

Hello! Happy, happy Friday!

I know winter skin is a common issue, so I thought it’d be cool to share my routine and products that have helped me balance my skin out. My whole body has been feeling pretty dry, and my face is on another level right now so I've been giving it the extra LOVE that it needs right now. So here are my little tidbits!


I have built a relaxing nighttime skin routine over the past few months. It takes a while (probably 10 minutes), but I don’t mind it at all. It’s soothing at the end of the night and love that it’s a calming practice to get me ready for bed.

When it comes to applying serums, lotions, etc. the rule that I’ve heard multiple times is to apply from lightest consistency to heaviest, so I try to follow that.

Step one: First up, I cleanse my face with something gentle. I’m a big fan of Cetaphil - it’s affordable and gets the job done - and there aren’t a lot of ingredients in it. It was the only cleanser that didn't burn my skin when I broke out into hives last week too. 

Step two: After my face is clean, I put a serum on and eye cream. For winter, I need a boost in my brightness, so I’ll go with a product filled with Vitamin C or designed to brighten. I put my eye cream under my eyes (but not too close!) and all the way around up to my eyebrows. A derm once told me to apply eye cream everywhere big sunglasses would hit - kind of a fun tip, right??

Step three: Treatment time! If I’m breaking out or can feel something coming in, I’ll use a natural blemish stick on those spots. 

Step four: I have a few lotions that work well in the winter, including Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream. This has helped me repair dry, damaged, inflamed skin from my recent allergies/hives and all around great for evening out uneven skin tone and is a great heavy duty moisturizer for the winter. LOVE THIS STUFF.

Step five: Oil! Oil on top of lotion really gives me that extra hydration that I need in the winter. Or, I’ll put something like Aquaphor on over seriously dry areas (around my nose, forehead). I’m really into this Indie Lee facial oil too- it’s gentle, natural, non-fragranced oil that is perfect for irritated dry skin.

More tips:

  • I generally only wash my face once a day and use lukewarm water. I try to keep my hands off blemishes and if I really need to, I'll go in with a clean blemish removal tool.

  • My secret weapon for dull or tired eyes: EYE PADS! I use these any morning where I have puffiness, bags, or just need to wake up. I keep my pads in the fridge and they instantly perk me up.

  • If my skin needs a hydration boost during the day, this Amore Pacific spray is really refreshing. I keep it on my desk and it adds moisture quickly. It also smells so nice.


I definitely spend more time on my face routine, but can’t forget your body!

Post-shower: HYDRATE ASAP! Try to get in lotion, serum, or oil while your pores are still open. This EO organic body serum has been my go-to lately. It coats your body with a layer of restorative oil (and weird side note: it warms you up! Especially good for cold winter shower nights or early mornings). It also uses essential oils so it smells delicious. Loving this stuff x10000

I also love this lavender whipped body cream and keep it by my desk also. It's a great one to use all over your body because its super hydrating and silky without being sticky.

Hands and feet: These area get extra dry for me during winter. I apply Aquaphor to my cuticles, and then I’ll apply hand lotion throughout the day. When I want to go all out I put on a Lavender scented Baby Foot Exfoliant foot peel, then follow up with Burt’s Bee’s foot creme and bigggg comfy socks while I sleep. My feet are baby soft after!

There you have it! My winter routine. It's so soothing and like any other habit atm. Once you’re into it taking care of your skin, it just becomes a natural part of your day. Your skin will thank you down the road, too :)

P.S. If you want to see my non-winter skin routine, read this!

Have a good Tuesday!