Juice Beauty & Meeting Gwyneth Paltrow

Yesterday I had an awesome opportunity to hear all about Juice Beauty cosmetics and meet Gwyneth Paltrow, the creative director herself!

If you haven't heard of Juice Beauty, it's an organic line of skin care and make up using the purist ingredients. It's luxurious red-carpet-ready-make-up that lasts all day without the use of any toxic chemicals most conventional makeup uses. (You'd be surprised- I definitely was!) Essentially the make up is ADDING antioxidants and vitamins to your skin to keep it healthy.

After making flower crowns, sipping rose, and playing with the line of new blushes, lippies, and highlighters, we heard Gwyneth's personal story.

It was really cool to hear how she was inspired to start a line of clean beauty products to raise awareness of conventional make up and be able to give consumers options. If you think about it, we wear make up everyday and the years of toxins can really build up. It definitely got me thinking. 

We also got to ask Gwyneth what her secret to perfect skin is - she said "exfoliation, sleep, clean food, and sweating everyday". Couldn't agree more with that- It's a lifestyle!

I went home with a range of their make-up products so I will definitely be giving them a try this month and will let you know what stands out.