I'm Officially an Adidas Ambassador!


It's official. I'm a proud US Adidas Ambassador!!

What does that mean? How did that happen? You guys may have guessed this from my posts and trips lately, but I wanted to take time to fill ya in especially since I get questions about it. This is going to be a longer post because I want to tell the whole story so that you can understand the bigger picture!

I started my fitness journey almost 2 years ago. My Instagram was my personal account and I remember taking a long break from updating it.

True fact: I was heavily investing my time in Monkey's (@buns_) page at the time and growing his presence in the bunny community of Instagram. It was so much fun, lol. I spent a lot of time taking photos of Monks, holding bunny Instagram contests, taking Monks out on adventures, and basically being his manager. It just made me so happy to connect with other bunny mamas alike : P

Meanwhile, I worked at Spacecraft (a design + build firm for hospitality restaurants, bars, cafes). I was the office manager, accountant, and Kris Keith's personal assistant. I LOVED my job. Kris was the coolest boss and the office vibes were like a NYC loft - plus everyone was very laid back.

I was happy, but maybe a little too comfortable. You know that feeling when you’re able to get by living month-to-month, wondering what your next step in life is? Or better yet, still trying to figure out what it is that you want to do? Yeah, that was me.

I was also in school taking interior design classes at night because I wanted to start helping out our design team and eventually get my degree. My itch for doing something creative was always there, and I thought this would be my slow & steady way in.

About 2 years into working there, my coworker Cara showed me the Bikini Body Guide that her roommate and her tried to get into. At the time, I was doing a mix of hot yoga + heavy lifting at the gym on my own. I was interested in this guide because I was getting bored of my routine. I was also 100% inspired after seeing the transformations of the women who finished the guide on Kayla’s Instagram. You guys know ; )

But I knew there was more to it and this time around I wanted to do it right. I wanted to eat healthy AND workout. I knew that if I did the guide but still ate like shit (pardon my language) I wouldn’t feel any better. I had to change my ENTIRE lifestyle and mentality, and start cooking, eating more greens, drinking plenty of water, and experimenting with new recipes, etc. This was all very new to me at the time.

I committed to a healthier lifestyle that day and jumped in right away. For me, that was starting off the day with a homemade breakfast bowl. My motto on my bio at the time was "bowls + buns" - do you remember that? Ha! Buns for my bunny (not my butt), so now you know : P

My breakfast bowls ranged from yogurt parfaits, 50 different flavored oatmeals, acai bowls, green bowls, chia puddings, etc. I made it a point to make a different bowl each morning because I didn’t want to bore you guys following. JK - not really - but it was also just FUN. I looked forward to breakfast every night, and it was the first time I spent that much time in the kitchen...ever. I also remember apologizing to my friends who were following me because all of a sudden - with no warning - I went from silent to ‘HEY, I POST PRETTY BOWLS NOW, HOPE YOU ENJOY!’ ; P

It was my way of funneling my creativity and I wanted to share my discoveries with my friends. And before I knew it, I was inspiring many of my friends to make breakfast bowls (muhhaha) and it made me so happy when I would get snaps or texts of bowl ingredients or final masterpiece creations. Literally #daymade.

It was the most productive I've ever been and it felt incredible. I was doing something that was 100% ME. I actually looked forward to waking up at 6 a.m., getting my BBG workout in, showering, making my breakfast bowl, shooting it downstairs in my lobby - at that time - on a concrete bench (I miss that bench), and uploading it to my IG with the recipe - all before going into work at 9 a.m.

3-4 weeks after this lifestyle change and healthy bowl obsession, I felt like a completely different person. Who was this new Remi!? Cooking in the kitchen, buying fresh produce, inspiring my friends to eat healthy, trying Kayla’s workout guide, and buying bowls & spoons as props for photos?? I was having so much fun and no one was gonna stop me : P

Soon after, brands started to approach me. They wanted to support what I was creating and I was very grateful for it! I remember my first free product was organic mushroom powder. I couldn't believe that I got to try something new in my recipe and test it out for free.

I worked with a lot of vegan protein powders, teas, acai packs, pitaya packs, granola, bowl toppings, and more. Any brand that aligned with what I was creating, I was into trying. It was crazy humbling to partner with brands I would see and love in the aisles of Whole Foods. It motivated me to be super creative and keep making recipes that were both delicious and beautiful.

12 weeks later, I finished the Bikini Body Guide without skipping a single workout! To clarify, that was all that I did. I didn’t add in any additional workouts! BBG is really high intensity- so I couldn’t imagine adding anything on top of it at the time. I noticed a huge difference in my body when I put my then and now photo side by side. I had abs, arm muscles, I could do 15 pushups in a row(?!), and I felt so strong! Anyone who’s been through a transformation can relate, but it’s such an amazing feeling to accomplish something like this for yourself.


It took a lot of nerve for me to post my transformation photo, but I wanted to share it. Sure, it might scare away some people since a majority knew me for colorful fruit bowls, but hey, I put 12 weeks of sweat into it. And lastly, I thought if I could do it, anyone could.

The next morning, Kayla Itsines re-posted my transformation photo on her page. I was so shocked! I remember answering every single question that came in through comments, DMs, messages, and emails.

I wanted to connect with my new followers and say HI, so I posted a pic of my workout schedule for the past 12 weeks. I wanted everyone to know that if you stay dedicated and put your health first, anyone can and will look and feel their best!

After some thought I decided to incorporate more fitness & overall healthy lifestyle tips in addition to my recipes. After all, it was a lifestyle, not just healthy eating! I started incorporating more quotes, recipes, workout routines, beauty content (bc self-care is important and part of overall wellness, too) in hopes that my content would help people jump-start or continue their health journey.

Photo Sep 15, 12 07 16 PM.jpg

A couple months later, I remember I was getting on the treadmill after work when I got an intro email from Adidas. I jumped off and covered my mouth in shock because I couldn't believe what I just saw. A huge brand like Adidas wanted to support me in my journey?! Was this real life? It felt surreal; this "blog & Instagram" I started on the side for fun was turning into something more than I could have ever imagined. I still get goosebumps thinking about it!

Around this point, I started transitioning out of my job at Spacecraft because my Instagram and blog were becoming more and more time consuming. The few hours before work and weekend days were not enough. Between my growing IG projects, interior design school, and working 9-5, I was spreading myself too thin. In January 2016, I decided that I needed to choose one over the other in order to dedicate all my time and energy into something I was really passionate about. That’s officially when I chose to pursue my IG/blog opportunities, become a health coach, and continue sharing my healthy lifestyle journey!

If you guys follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you know I went to a couple special events with Adidas this year. The first one was back in February for the launch of the revolutionary PURE BOOST X Shoe - designed just for women. It was an all women's event in Santa Monica for a few days, and guess who I met there?? My fellow BBG sisters... JERA & CHINAE. We instantly clicked and basically fell on the floor laughing right away. Pretty sure it was all caught on Snapchat, too, lol!

The 2nd special Adidas event was in Portland. Adidas flew all the US ambassadors (Jera, Chinae, Meagan, Ally, Niki, and myself) to tour the Adidas headquarters and get familiar with how they test shoe and apparel performance. The technology behind it all was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever gotten to witness with my very own eyeballs. Every sole, detail, fabric, curve of that shoe or shirt has science and real-life testing behind it.

If there's one thing I love most about Adidas as a brand, it's that they value REAL women - the ‘everyday healthy-living female,’ real friendships, connections, community, women empowerment, BALANCE, experimenting, and creating. After that Portland trip, I knew this was going to be the perfect partnership. 

Now that I'm officially an ambassador, what does it mean? I will continue being me! Which means living a healthy lifestyle, learning and experimenting constantly, and connecting and sharing with you guys. I give Adidas feedback on all performance products, what they can improve on, what designs are missing in performance, what the most comfortable shoe to run and train in is, and keep you guys informed on what's new! One of my favorite things to do is unbox packages with you guys on Snapchat(u/n rrayyme), because I feel like you're right there with me. 

Coming full circle, I look back at these past couple years and just have to pinch myself! But I know that it wasn’t all luck either. I followed my passion of creating beautiful healthy meals, and committed to myself! I made health and fitness a priority each day, and still do.

I hope this post shows that even if you aren’t sure of the direction you want to go in life, or if you are feeling blahh, that by playing around with things you LOVE, you can start guiding your own journey. Don’t downplay anything that you love to do - that’s what makes you unique and lights you up! Make yourself and your happiness a priority every day, and you’ll be able to look back and be thankful that you did!

A lot of amazing things are coming this year with Adidas and I can't wait to share them with you!

Let me know if you guys have any questions for me - happy to answer them below.

love you all so much! x