10 Minute Tutorial | Effortless Beach Waves

HellooO xx
Happy New week! I'm super excited to officially start a NEW 'Beauty Section' on my blog where I can share all my tips and tricks on everything beauty related...favorite lippies, everyday make up tutorial, skin care routine, favorite eyelid tape, eyelash extensions, and anything you guys may want to know! 

To kick it off...I'm sharing my 10 Minute Effortless Waves- hair tutorial. I know I've talked about sharing this a while ago (in video format originally) BUT I still feel a little intimidated by video. I barely just got comfortable talking on snapchat ; ) ... but it is something I want to do eventually!

I resort to this as my everyday hair style because it's SO easy to achieve and looks effortless (no thank you princess curls : P) My tip is to invest/use a few high-quality products (mentioned below) because it will save you time & energy. 

OKAY! Let's get started : D This is how my hair looks straight out of the shower- air- dried. It's frizzy at the ends and has no shape. I always use a teeny dab of INOAR Argan oil straight out of the shower and rub in through the ends . It helps tone down the frizz when it's dry. The 1st bottle lasted me almost a year- I'm absoluetly in love with this stuff and it smells delicious too.

Next, it's time to curl! My favorite wand is the T3 Micro 1.5" barrel. It achieves the perfect beachy wave. It's a bit of a splurge but very very worth it because it glides through your hair like silk as your style it and doesn't snag or dry your hair out like cheaper curlers. 


Quick Tips:
- Divide your hair into 2 sections down your natural part-  and clip one side up.
- All sections are approx 1-2" wide. the random variation gives it an effortless texture, so don't worry about making it perfect!
- Use the wand vertically  (parallel to the wall) 
- Always curl the piece closest to your face OUTWARDS (pink arrow)
- Lastly, rotate between curling OUTWARDS and INWARDS until you reach the back. Then switch over to the other side of your hair.

STEP 1: Section approx 1" piece at the front of your face and curl it OUTWARDS (away from your face). Make sure to hold the barrel vertically the entire time even while you are releasing the curl.

STEP 2: Curl the next 1-2" piece INWARD (toward your face).  I'm using my thumb to slowly 'unclip' and move the barrel down to ends while holding the barrel vertically the whole time. 

STEP 3: Grab another 1-2" section and curl OUTWARD (away from your face)

STEP 4: Grab another 1-2" section and curl it INWARD (toward your face) & visa versa until you reach the back.

This is a side profile of how the curls should have come out : ) 

NEXT, Comb your fingers through the curls to loosen it up. TA--daaaH! Effortless beachy waves!

Lastly, set the waves with hair spray. I've been loving this blow pro one I got in a goodie bag a while back. It's very lightweight but holds the waves all day.

There you have it! It does take a little practice but once you get the hang of it, it will take less than 10 minutes and va-voom you hair will look amazing. x

Other FAQ about my hair:
- I get my hair colored by @guy_tang ( He does a silver pearl 'root-y' ombre on me, which means the ombre starts up high)
- I see him twice a year to get my hair colored. But because it's ombre, it doesn't look bad when it's grown out!
- I use purple shampoo to keep the brightness up, tone the yellow, and give me a more "ashy-blonde" I recommend this one by VOCE. I ran out of it a couple weeks ago and switched to a different one, but it is NOT the same. Finally reordered it again, so I'm waiting for it in the mail...hurrry! haha
- I ask for a textured , blunt cut (straight across the back) with lower layers whenever I get my hair cut. I go to Brighton Salons in Beverly Hills and get it done by KAZ ( owner of Voce products)

Let me know if you have any other questions for me in the comments! And if you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see on here next, I'd love to know! love love kiss kiss