#600RepButtChallenge | PART 2 (!!)

Hi hi hi hi!
SO many of you have been incorporating the #600RepButtChallenge into your routine since I last posted about it, so I wanted to say thank you thank you x1000  for sweating it out with and giving it a try!! 

Today, I'm sharing a brand spankin new version of it that I've been doing!! It's the same thing as last time: 3 different butt exercises x 100 reps per leg = 600 REPS TOTAL!
You guys are going to CRUSH THIS!!

I do this challenge 2-3 times a week right after my cardio or circuit routine, that way I'm all warmed up and my heart rate is pumping. When I'm less shy I'll post a butt before and after picture, but I'm definitely noticing a perkier & toned butt!!

This challenge tones your HIPS, GLUTES, THIGHS, and ABS...hope you LOVE IT!!

WHAT YOU NEED: A mat or even just a towel! if you want you can add ankle weights. 
LOCATION: home, office, gym, anywhere with some space!


#1) Side Leg Rainbows
Begin by laying on your side, legs stacked on top of one another at a slight angle in front of you. Lift the top leg and bring it to the front. Immedietly draw an arch of a rainbow with your foot flexed and bring it to the back. Draw an arch back to starting position  (this is 1 rep).  Repeat 100X and switch sides. 
Right side- 100 reps
Left side- 100 reps

#2. Straight Leg Raises
Still lying on your side, re-adjust to make sure your right hip is directly above your left hip and at a slight angle in front of you. With your toes flexed, lift your top leg as high as it goes and return it to starting position. repeat this 100 x per leg. Do you feel your outer butt burning yet :P ?!
Right side- 100 Reps
Left side- 100 Reps

BONUS: Hold your leg at the top (flexed) after completing each side...Hold it high!!

#3. Side Leg Circles
Stay in the same position, hip stacked over one another legs out in front of you at a slight angle. With your toes flexed, raise your top foot 6-8 inches and make a large circle returning back to starting position. Repeat this move 100X per leg. Your outer butt and thighs should be ON FIRRREE by now.
Right side- 100 Reps
Left side- 100 Reps

Hope you guys give this one a try. PRO TIP: Mix and match both #600RepButtChallenges to target different parts of your booty! Have fun xoxo