Polar Global A360 Fitness Watch Review + Pink Juice Recipe

Haaaai ~

How are you all! 

Today I did 15 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) where I sprinted on the treadmill for 30 seconds, off for 30 seconds, on for 30 seconds...so on and so forth. Followed by the #30dayabschallenge which I recently wrote about on my Instagram...then I did my 600 rep Butt Challenge. I will definitely post those exercises on my blog soon! Anyway... PHEW!! What an awesome way to start the morning.

 I was super excited to come home and blog about my exercises because I had tracked it all on my Polar Global A360 Fitness Watch to show you guys how it works - especially since I get so many questions on it :) I also filmed a quick video! 

Anyway I'll get to the watch review in a sec, but first I want to share my breakfast smoothie filled with strawberries, grapefruit, ginger and apple. Yummmy!

INGREDIENTS & METHOD: 2 Cups strawberries, 1 Grapefruit peeled and deseeded, 1 Sweet Apple, 1 inch piece of ginger, honey is optional but totally not needed in this recipe, and 1 cup of water. Blend all ingredients in a blender (I use the Nutri Ninja Pro with Auto IQ) and that's it! It's extremely quick and easy to make and perfect for waking up your metabolism and giving you natural energy.

Onto the most anticipated part!!! My A360 Polar Global Watch Review:

The fitness watch I use daily is HERE  
It costs $199.95 but you don't need to buy/wear a chest strap like some of the other models.
I think it's totally worth the price!! I love the big touch screen face and it's very user friendly. The heart rate is measured through your wrists below the watch face :)

If you watch my video below, you can see how easy it is to log your workouts. Today I logged a 10 minute 'Walking' warm up, a 15 minutes HIIT (which I logged as 'Running') , and Abs + Butt workout on the mat (which I logged as 'Strength Training'). By the end of the 40 minutes I was 84% towards reaching my goal and I burned 1000 calories. WOAH. It also shows me my Average Heart Rate and Maximum Heart Rate for each of the workouts.. For example, I reached 173 heart rate during HIIT and my Average HR was 154. I'd say it's accurate because my treadmill was reading the same thing when I put my hands on the sensors.

Overall the A360 is perfect for daily activity and heart rate based training and I highly recommend it. It motivates me to push harder during my workouts and reminds me to move around if I've been sitting for too long. (Whenever that notification comes on, I get up and drink water). I filmed a quick video below and I"m happy to answer any of your questions, just drop a comment below!



Thanks for stopping by again and hope you enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!!! Oh and Happy March 1 <3