My New Year 2017 Workout Challenge & Resolutions!


2017 is just around the corner!
I just got home from creating a healthy cocktail at one of my favorite restaurants in DTLA and I'm sitting at a coffee shop waiting for 6:30 pm to come around to go back To Cafe Pinot to celebrate my parent's anniversary! I have some time to kill so thought it would be a perfect time to talk about my New year goals and challenges I'm going to take on.

As you guys know I've been on a BBG kick for 100+ weeks since I started 2 + years ago and love it. But it's the beginning of a brand new year and I'm super ready to try something new :) I'm all about challenges and sticking to a balanced and fun routine so when I heard about Barre3 's B3 ALL IN Challenge starting Jan 9th, I decided it would be the perfect way to kickstart 2017.

The past 2-3 months has been crazy for me, I traveled nearly every week and because it wasn't always easy to find a gym I had some challenges keeping up with my routine. To top it off, holidays are for enjoying and indulging so I didn't hold back! And because I have been eating more sweets and junky foods than I normally would I feel like I need to hit that RESEST button. I'm craving balance!


The B3 ALL IN - 4 week program officially kicks off January 9th and it is meant to help you feel strong and BALANCED - which is exactly what I'm looking for right now. Throughout January, Barre3 will be offering online and in studio workouts, a guided delicious meal plan every week with custom recipes, and the support of everyone taking this challenge including founder  Sadie Lincoln and Dr. Frank Lipman and his Be Well health coaches who will be moderating the community boards, which is one of the best parts! 

I signed up for Barre3's online subscription  which includes a handbook with a weekly calendar to stay organized. I will also get access to brand new workouts every week. My goal is to take 5 classes per week (from the comfort of my home) and then 1 HIIT day on top. I'll see how that goes and tailor my schedule accordingly. As far as meal prepping, my goal is to go grocery shopping every Sunday and COOK ALL DAY so I'm prepped and ready for the week. I want to try and limit my cheat meals to 1 x a week. EEK! It sounds impossible now, but I know with the right balance of foods and exercise, my body will adjust and crave naughty foods less. 

Besides starting a new work out routine, my other new years goals include: cutting out refined sugars and any packaged foods with preservatives, to COOK MORE, travel to 4 new places I've never been, get comfortable with video and start a You Tube Channel,  continue to workout 6x a week no matter what, read a book every 2 months, get my health coach degree, and continue to funnel my creativity through my Instagram and continue to find inspiration EVERYWHERE :)!

What are your goals for the New year? Do you write them down so you can reflect back on it? I love doing that to see if my goals came true. Surprisingly many of the outrageous ones I wrote down last year happened! Goes to show... you should always DREAM BIG!

Excited to see how barre3 will change my body and mind. I will post a transformation photo once I finish and would love for you to join me too!  @gofitjo @sincerelyamc @chicandsweaty and @workoutbean will be holding me accountable during B3 ALL IN challenge since we're all doing it together!  If you want to try it you can buy a barre3 Online Plus subscription or join a barre3 studio near you and let me know if you're in and say HI!! <333

Happy (almost) 2017 xx


*Thank you Barre3 for partnering with me on this challenge!!