Matcha Orange & Honey Chia Pudding

Hi loves!
I'm looking forward a fresh new year with you all!! 
I did my first work out of #TheKaylaMovement this morning @ 7 am and I'M FEELING GOOD. I'm determined to focus more on eating a balanced & clean diet this year. This means spending more time in the kitchen meal prepping and eating out less. WAaahh, It'll be hard but I can do it! I have to admit during the holiday and towards the end of last year, I wasn't being nearly as strict as I've been - I indulged in 10:30 pm In and Out burgers, had one too many Tokyo Bananas, creamsicles and let my sweet tooth get the best of me. It was great while it lasted- but one of my New Years resolutions is to cook whole clean meals and get back on track with meal prepping! 

I plan to tackle my goals this year, one week at a time. This week I'm on week 16 of Kayla's BBG Guide and I have early morning resistance circuits scheduled for Monday , Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. This means I won't have time to prep my breakfasts. So I wanted to share this quick and easy recipe with you all, because it's what I'll be resorting to on mornings like today! 

Matcha Orange & Honey CHIA PUDDING :) one of the healthiest & easiest breakfasts to make. It just takes a whole 5 minutes the night before to prep. This particular combo also has massive amounts of antioxidants, omega 3's, fiber, and protein from the Matcha, Chia Seeds, and Spirulina. 

The secret behind this recipe is the Tarte's Green tea & Honey yogurt . It's the base I use for the flavor and gives it a dreamy consistency.  Every Tarte cup has 12g of protein and 25% less sugar compared to other flavored Greek Yogurt. Asian yogurts are milky smooth, tart in flavor, and not too sweet , which is why I love them! It also has 2X the amount of calcium as Greek Yogurt and a higher concentration of potassium & magnesium. And that's why it makes for the perfect base. 

1/2 Cup Tarte (Green Tea & Honey) Yogurt
1/2 Cup Coconut Almond Milk
1/2 Tsp Orange Zest
3 Tbsp Chia Seeds
Pinch of Spirulina
Dash of Cinnamon
Pinch of Salt


Wisk all ingredients well in a bowl or jar. Cover well and leave it in the fridge overnight to soak. The chia seeds will expand and you will have a perfect pudding in the morning to enjoy with your favorite toppings! I used drizzle of honey, orange slices, coconut, and granola. It was so good especially with the burst of orange!

Hope you guys enjoy this recipe and try it out yourself. Tarte has 6 different flavors so you can use this recipe as a base and create your own flavors and toppings! How good do they all sound <3

Strawberry & Guanabana
The Original
Acai & Blueberry
Mango & Coconut
Pomegrate & Goji
Green Tea & Honey

Have a beautiful day and I'll talk to you soon! xx

*Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by my friends at Tarte! They will also be sponsoring our BBG Meet up on 1/23, (sign up by clicking here) so everyone will have a chance to try their delicious flavors!