Lately this has been my every day casual look and I love it! I just pair a comfortable pair of leggings, this one is from Marika -It's got a shimmery sheen to it and they are one of the most comfortable and softest pair of leggings I own, then I throw on a baggy sweater like this one from Avocado (I actually turned it inside out, because I prefer the texture) and this gorgeous olive hand knit scarf. I love how I can easily transition it from work casual to GYM, which is the best time of day.. jk...not always! But overall I love how effortless and comfortable it is!

PS, I'm on the last week of my 5th round of BBG, and I'm seriously seeing a huge difference in my abs and body lately. These last 4 weeks really do a great job in toning you up! 

Alright, that's all for now, hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday! love you all!