What I learned from Fashion Blogger @SpreadFashion


Hi hi!!
I just got back from hanging with Ellenor of @spreadfashion and I learned SO MUCH. So much so that I was inspired to write a blog post and share her tips and tricks.

If you haven’t seen this video collaboration yet, it just went live and you have to check it out!

Here’s Ellenor doing my exact morning routine…2 workouts and all:

We had so much fun filming this together and afterwards I left so inspired to step up my fashion/ skincare /make up game.

  • I get a lot of compliments on my eyeliner and as you guys know I’ve used the same one since the beginning of time. When I was doing my makeup with Ellenor though, she pointed out as you can see in my video that because it doesn’t glide on easily, I end up having to pull my eye up every single time to apply. I got SO used to doing that , I didn't realize that over time that could cause premature wrinkles and guess what ladies that matters to me now that I am in my 30s. Here are better alternatives for eyeliner that I am going to try out. Marc Jacobs Eyeliner and Ulta Gel Eyeliner Pencil

  • Create the illusion of bigger lips by drawing a shadow using a light taupe eyebrow pencil and blend. It’s subtle but makes a difference!

  • If you want your lip color to last longer, use lip liner! I’ve always been scared of lip liner and had a hard time finding the right shade that didn’t make me look ridiculous but Ellenor showed me a lip liner that matched the tone of this perfect nude lip gloss.

  • She uses Vitamin C religiously every morning and thanks to her, I am now too! Vitamin C hydrates your skin, fades hyper pigmentation and brightens your skin! I was always turned off by the smell of some Vitamin C serums but it’s worth it if you find one that works. These are the ones I’m using, Beautycounter Brightening + Vitamin C and True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster She also keeps them in her fridge to make them last longer.

  • Skirts with slits makes your legs look long and lean! We are both 5’4 and it’s taken me this long to realize what I’ve been missing out on my whole life. She pairs skirts with casual vintage tees, baggy tie dye sweaters and loose blouses and either ties them on the waist or tucks one side in. I love that her fashion is attainable, cute but still casual and comfy which is what I’m all about. Linking some skirts here and here and here!

  • Don’t judge clothes on the hanger without trying it on first. This was me when she was showing me this dress and the paisley blouse (here’s an alternative), and I was CONVINCED they would not look good on me when in actuality they were the TWO BEST options ha ha ha. My mind tricked itself and guess what, you never know until you actually have it on your body to see how it fits.

Alrighty guys! Those were my takeaways from hanging with Ellenor. If you haven’t already given her a follow, definitely do so! and we are running a HUGEEE giveaway right now so be sure to enter that for $1000+ beauty giveaway plus $500 cash!

Love you!

xx Remi

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Limelife by Alcove Pencil: https://bit.ly/31IOz3R

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