10 New Random Facts About Me


1. My last name isn’t Ishizuka!

2. I’m a Taurus sun, Aires rising, Virgo moon

3. My Japanese sounds like I’m 4 year old

4. People assume I’m organized. But SunMi and I figured it out the other day…I’m digitally organized ( excel sheets and google calendar 4 life) BUT when it comes to day-to-day personal organization- I need a lot of help!!

5. Putting make up on is a chore. I wish I enjoyed it and was more experimental! On the other hand, I know what I like and will use it for yearrrs

6. I am convinced I know what Monkey is saying to me 🐰 #bunnywhisperer

7. I enjoyed the short time off my phone last month more than I’d like to admit

8. First word that comes to my mind right now!!! HUCKLEBERRY!!!!

9. I like to micromanage and be in control of everything (it drives Nate nuts! ) Learning to let go and trust is something I’m working on

10. My Enneagram number is a 9!! A peacemaker. I avoid conflict and tension and just want to create harmony and stability!



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