Wishlist Wednesdays: Bedroom Makeover Edition!

I have lots on my mind. I want to do something different with my living room walls, get a coffee table, finish furnishing the dining room, get new chairs, get some art, get a new dresser for the bedroom…the list goes on. I was so overwhelmed after all the kitchen contractor drama ended that I needed this time to just LIVE in my house.


I’m thinking the BEDROOM FIRST. I spend half my life in there and as of right now, this is the room I’m least proud of and is the least functional to me.

It’s cute as it is with white walls, white sheets, pops of wood and plants but I’m over this boho chic aesthetic. I want more of an ELEVATED, MINIMAL- CHIC, DARKER/ MOOOOODIER vibe.

It’s totally NOT in my comfort zone to go darker/moodier but that’s why I’m SO excited to try it. I found some inspiration that totally speak to me on Pinterest and make my heart jump and it’s had me up all night thinking how I’m going to make it come to life:

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This is what EXCITES me guys.. I’ve always been into interior design as a child and was going to architecture/interior school and working at an interior design firm before I went full time with my Instagram. I’m so so so grateful that my job allows me to dive into all avenues of my life and get creative with it!!

I went searching for similar pieces online and curated this wish list to get my dream aesthetic. Each piece is clickable for purchase if you’re vibing with it too!

I plan to keep you guys posted on this bedroom journey and might also start working on other parts of my house simultaneously. I’m just feeling so inspired to get moving with the rest of my house!

As you guys know, I dealt with some pretty traumatic contractor drama that left me scarred, so I had to take some time to recover - esp since I ended up paying double for my kitchen to be done. So i’ll take a good look at my budget and numbers and make sure I stay within it as well as work with people WHOM I know and trust/ referred to by CLOSE friends.

CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!



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