New Blog Series | Friday Favorites #1!

Hi guys!!!

I’m starting a new blog series called Friday Favorites where I list all the things, places, clothes, beauty products etc that I’ve been using/wearing and LOVING! It comes out every Friday on the blog so be sure to keep a look out for them!

1. Orange Summer Dress

I thought this was one of those dresses that I’d wear once and never again esp since it’s so bright. But its quickly become a summer staple and I’m constantly reaching for it. It’s cute, the perfect shade of orangey red, I love the bow details on the shoulders and slit down the sides. It’s really good quality linen material and love that I can dress it up with wedges or down with sneakers.

2. White Summer Dress

2. Another summer staple dress I wanted to add to the list. Maybe I’m just super into these calf length dresses right now with slits but the back has a cute cut out detail that you can wear a strapless bra with if you wish and the heart embroidery on it is so cute too. It’s another flattering shape for girls that are less curvy around the waist like me.

3. Crewneck & Sweatpants


During the week when I shower after the gym, I want to put something on that is COMFORTABLE but still cute. I’ve been reaching for this set all week to wear while working from home and running errands. It’s so comfortable and the color is perfect to all year long.

4. Workout Jacket!


I thought this jacket would feel sticky on my skin bc of the material but its NOT. I’ve been wearing this to the gym every morning and I can’t think of a more perfect workout jacket than this for the summer months.

5. Adidas Sports Bra 


Love this bra for obvious reasons!!! Hello cleavage :P feels supportive too, I got it in all colors, white, blue, black, red… I literally FEEL MYSELF in this bra. ITS GOD SEND. you’re welcome bye

6. Mini Hoop Earrings & Huggie Earrings


I always wanted a good earring stack and I think I finally found the winning combo!

7. Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum

I’m on my second bottle of this. It’s the perfect serum because it’s exfoliating but moisturizing AND gentle enough to use everyday. I think its worth every penny. I can depend on it to change my skin in a day.

8. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This PM serum has been a holy grail for a few years now and worth mentioning on this blog post because it’s another one of those serums that changes your skin with just one use over night. It smells like lavender, its a dry oil, and goes on so smooth.

9. Car Cup Holder Phone Mount


I finallyyyy got a phone mount in my car and I’m VERY happy with the one I chose. There are many different types to choose from -dashboard mount, window mount, air vent mount, etc.- but this one works so good and stays in place. It does take up one of my cup holders but that doens’t bother me because the position of my phone there is perfect and I have a few other cup holders on my side door I can use.

10. Stainless Steel Straw w/ Silicon


This straw is on my favorites list because it’s the BEST STRAW EVER!!! Not only is it reusable, but the silicon top makes it easier for me to drink from as a straw biter. Bad habit I know, but I HAVE chipped my front tooth before on metal straws so this is very worth it and I’m making the switch!