Get UNREADY With Me The J-Beauty Way!


It's 9 pm and time for me to wash off all the make up and grime that's accumulated on my face during the day.


I've been incorporating aspects of J-Beauty (Japanese Beauty) into my PM routine and it's really helped me SLOW DOWN and be mindful during the routine so I thought I'd share the process!

Less is more for J- beauty so taking utmost care of your skin so it glows from the inside out is what it's ALL about. Growing up my mom emphasized this and watching her constantly keep her skin moisturized and use a softener throughout out the day has definitely influenced me. Plus her skin still looks AMAZE!

Cleansing is a very important step in Japanese culture, and even though I said less is more, double cleansing is common practice! What does that mean? Well, first I use a cleansing water to take off the initial layer of make up with a cotton pad. (I love the lightweight Shiseido Refreshing cleansing water) and then afterwards, a foamy cleanser like their Benefiance Clarifying Cleansing Foam to complete the cleanse. 


Next I apply Shiseido Treatment softener with a cotton pad. I love Eudermine Revitalizing Essense softener because it polishes and moistens at the same time and helps prepare the serum to be absorbed better.


When I'm looking for a serum that provides some SERIOUS hydration,  I turn to Shiseido Ultimune. It literally activates your skin's defense mechanism to keep the hydration locked in. THIS IS KEY TO YOUTHFUL SKIN!! The oldest trick in the J-Beauty book.


Everything about J-beauty is based on prevention and starting as early as possible , so although I don’t have any wrinkles under my eyes YET, I use an eye cream like Future Solution LX eye and lip contour regenerating cream to take care the delicate skin around my eyes. 


OKAY on most nights this is where I'll finish my skincare routine but I’m going to show you how to give yourself a Japanese facial massage to improve blood flow, relieve stress through pressure points and feel even more zen. It takes about 3 minutes so it's something you could incorporate into your week 3-5 x. 


I had the opportunity to learn this specific technique from the top Shiseido aesthetician in Japan!

First apply a moisturising cream to the 5 points of your face. I'm using the IBUKI Beauty Sleeping Mask. Start with your forehead, massaging in circular motions and keep firm pressure on your pressure point. Repeat 3 times.


Next using downward strokes, massage the sides of your nose


Then massage around your lips with an upward stroke.


Using your middle finger and ring finger gently massage your cheeks in circular motions starting from the inside out, and repeat 3 X

Finally massage around the eyes pressing the pressure point under your eye brow and repeat 3X 

 It should take around 3 minutes and i promise it’ll also help release any stress !


Now you're skin is happy and dewy and ready for bed! I hope you enjoyed your facial massage! 

Sleep tight!