Workout Playlist for the Gym


Hello hello!

I'm so pumped for this workout playlist and have been looking forward to listening to it everyday at the gym!

I was getting so bored of my music, listening to the same two artists over and over so THANK YOU GUYS for coming through with all your suggestions.

Dream team!

I spent some time filling through the songs you love and compiled a hip hop/ pop based playlist with 151 songs to bring you all the motivation! 

Click the link below to follow it on Spotify:

My Gym Playlist 


It definitely has a energetic- feel good vibe so give it a listen and def favorite the ones you love to make your own mini playlist! Then turn it on, turn it up and hit the gym loves!

And if you're curious about the head phones I use , I switch between 3 wireless ones:

I have this black one from Plantronics (smaller ear buds that are sweat proof and stays on during burpees and more HIIT heavy workouts- works for BBG)

I also have this bigger one from Plantronics (bigger head phones, great quality sound but more for weight lifting bc it slides off during burpees) 

and the pretty white/pink headphones shown above is from Urbanista (the quality is also amazing and the ear cushions fit snug and are very comfy)