Gift Ideas For Her

Holiday season is JUST around the corner and I’ve already planned exactly what I’m getting everyone AND picked some of the things up already too! What can I say, I like to be organized and get my Christmas shopping done ahead of time! I like to recommend products I’ve tried and tested so I’m listing some household staples below and hopefully I can stir up some inspiration for those tricky gals on your shopping list too!!


Top Choices

  • For the fitness girl: Adidas pieces from their statement collection

    I think we can all agree you can never have enough leggings. The Believe This tights ($68) are perfectly high waisted. They sit above my bellybutton but I’m pretty short >.< . The ‘Don’t Rest’ ($50) sports bra is the perfect combo of cute and supportive and the Edgebounce ($100) shoes match literally everything and are created for gym floor or pavement training!


For the beauty girl: Biossance skin care sets! They have launched their Love Your Face and Love Your Body sets for the holidays and they couldn’t be more perfect. Make sure to check out my latest IG post to enter to win a free set!


The Love Your Face ($42) has almost EVERYTHING from my Top Biossance Products list

  • Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil (25mL) – This doubles as a moisturizing cleanser and makeup remover (no it won’t burn anyone’s eyes)

  • Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel (4mL) – This is a super light and soft cream that I apply morning and night to reduce under-eye puffiness

  • Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum (10ml) – This plant-based retinol alternative serum helps even out the skin tone, hydrate and reduce fine lines. It gives all the benefits of traditional retinol without the harsh side effects. I’m all about the light weight textures especially when I’m adding makeup overtop

  • Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil (12mL) – Vitamin C is your brightening ingredient, definitely needed during the winter months plus the squalene oil amps up the glow mmmmm


  • The Love Your Body ($58) includes

    • Travel Body Brush – a dry brush to help exfoliate skin! Small enough to toss into your suitcase or gym bag!

    • 100% Squalane Oil (100mL) – This is their signature oil and the key ingredient in almost every one of their products! The 100mL bottle provides enough for some serious full body moisturization

    • Squalane + Bamboo Deodorant – I’ve been way more careful about what’s in my deodorants this year and Biossance’s deodorant is environmentally friendly and nontoxic, right in line with all their other stuff!

  • For the foodie:

    • Matcha set ($43) - so she can make epic matcha latte’s like meeee muahaha

    • Almond cow ($195) - this is the only product on this list I haven’t tried but it’s on MY wishlist. Wink wink, nudge nudge. This device makes nut milks seamlessly, looks super easy to use, and the recipe options are endless. Hazelnut milk with cinnamon? YUM!

Other ideas

4. Customized bag for make up or travel - the ones by Pop & Suki are a little bit pricier but great quality and very cute. I have the make up bag ($138) and I love!

5. Passion Planner ($24-$35)- you know that Type A girl on your list? Yeah she’ll LOVE this in depth, customizable planner. Make sure to keep the gift receipt, planning is personal ;)

6. Incense sticks - can usually be found at gift shops, crystal shops or ordered online and make for a cute stocking stuffer. I love the Oribe brand ($65) made from a Japanese agar wood which smells incredible!!

7. A cute house plant - Chose a small succulent for small gifts and a snake plant for a good plant that’s easy to take care of and pet safe ($1-$70)! Make sure to grab a care-guide from the store to include with the gift. My go-to shop in LA is Rolling Greens

8. Packing Cubes ($25-$50)- I don’t know what travelling was like before these, probably very hectic :P

9. The Five-Minute Journal ($20)- a simple gratitude practice for your mindful friend who loves setting goals and intentions

10. SOMA Water Filter ($40)- okay so there are Brita’s and then there is THIS. Super gorgeous water filtering jug that can stay on your counter if you like room-temperature water without looking super ugly. I think this would be perfect for any girl in college or a friend who moved into a new apartment this year!

I feel like I could go on forever! Should their be a part two to this gift guide?! Let me know in the comments!

Happy shopping