My Skin Care Tips For Travel!


Up up and away all over again! Usually my skin acts up after a trip, that’s normal. Between flying, different temperatures and a different diet it’s pretty hard to avoid a post-trip breakout even if I do eat clean!

I came to Vegas for work and extending the trip for a few days for some much needed relaxation and girl time with Jera!


If you guys watch my stories you know TWO crazy things have been happening with my skin.

1. I got frecklesssss! Whaaaat?! Jk they are just makeup but they are so fun.

2. My skin has been so, so, SO dry. The weather is killing me, I’ve had really bad allergies past two weeks and my nose has been dry, hard and crispy. Whenever this happens I circle back to my clean beauty products that brings the most moisture to the table. Vegas is even drier than Los Angeles, S.O.S. so I packed with me my favorite Biossance products that I know DELIVER.

My Skin Care Tips for Travel:

  • Narrow it down to the 3 most important skin care products you use

  • Carry products that target clogged pores (hello airplane air), hydration and brightening

  • Sun screen. Always. No matter what.

  • Face masks! You guys know I always mask on the place and then I usually do another mask in the evenings when I have down time during a trip

  • Do a minimal version of your skincare routine no matter what! It can be easy to slip out of routine when youre traveling but its more important than ever in order to avoid a post-trip breakout!

Choosing 3 key products and leaving the rest of your beauty stash at home! This helps if you just want to bring a carry on and also saves space in the suitcase. I narrowed it down to three Biossance products to help get my skin back in check!


When it comes to Biossance, squalane is their magic ingredient! Not new news to you though, since you’ve already heard me talk about it! Squalane (squay-lane) is responsible for the hydration of your skin. It’s commonly harvested from shark livers but Biossance found a way to derive it from plants!

The game plan for this trip is to not let all the travel fun take away from my normal skin are routine. I want to come home with a fresh glow and say bye to dull, dry skin

Here’s a round up of the 3 skin care products I packed and my FAVS from Biossance:

1. Squalane + Glycolic Renewal Facial

My facemask of choice this weekend! A 3-in-1 peel, exfoliator and mask that I will use after spending a full day under the sun. The physical exfoliation ingredient comes from the fine mineral spheres that gently smooth out the skin to leave it feeling soft. This mask also renews your skin by using AHA’s such as glycolic, lactic, tartaric and malic acids to gently remove dead skin cells, reduce the look of fine lines, discoloration and enlarged pores giving your skin a nice after glow. What’s foundation? : P

Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

I love oiillls, and this one is one of my favs. The Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil gives me that intense hydration to lock in moisture through the night. Vitamin C helps brighten, firm and even out my skin tone. It also helps erase any of my redness or irritation and leaves my skin feeling fresh. I use one dropper and rub it between my palms to warm it up before applying it all over my face and neck. Mmmm

 Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer

This moisturizer has probiotics which help restore balance on the skin and my freshly exfoliated skin cells could use some of that! Like all Biossance products it’s totally non-toxic and also doubles as a pore minimizer! Take a small finger tip sized amount and spread over face and neck in an upward motion. Take time to massage tender areas like where you normally breakout or the muscles that flex when you clench your jaw, you’ll be surprised how gooooood it feels.


Okay lets recap: SPF, pool time, mask, rinse, moisturize, oil, repeat!

I seriously took a lot of time to plan this regime for this Vegas trip because I needed my skin under control with no risk of a breakout or dry spots once I go back home! I’m feeling super good about the routine and the Squalane + Glycolic Renewal Facial exfoliating mask is ah-maz-ing.

Ttyl enjoying the last day here!