Nights in with Green Chef!


My ideal night is having a friend or two over, catching up and cooking up a meal for them :) there's something so cozy about spending time in this way that I love so much - Plus cooking is so meditative!

When I first started healthy living, I was making breakfast bowls every morning and before that I rarely cooked anything- so it was a big step for me. It wasn't until I started getting a meal delivery service that came pre packaged with the exact amount of ingredients and recipe cards that I started to cook dinners for myself. It's such a great way to learn how to cook dinners- and no ingredient will go to waste.


Nowadays there's so many kinds of food delivery services like these and since I've had the opportunity to try Green Chef the other week and LOVED it, I wanted to share the meals I made with you!


Green Chef delivered everything I needed to cook 3 meals for 2 people- so when It came, I was ready to go. I called my friend up and invited her for dinner that night. What's great is that they have all types of meals for; paleo, vegan, omnivore, carnivore, vegetarian, and even gluten free. I love that there is literally something for everyone.


Last week I tried their new Keto Meal Plan - which refers to the Ketogenic Diet and are generally high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates. Green Chef’s keto meals are also dairy and gluten free and oh my god it was sooooo delicious.

I made the Cajun Cod for Qian, and she actually ended up helping me in the kitchen. The recipe card was super easy to follow so while I was working on chopping the Swiss chard and veggies, she was seasoning the cod. We literally got it done so quick!


Look how delicious our meal looked:) I was so happy and full afterwards and so was Qian.


The other night I made one of the other recipes called, herbs de Provence Pork! My friend is pescatarian so I cooked some salmon too and had 2 servings of pork to myself :) it worked out great and the eggplant and tomato baked dish was sooooo good. I would deffo make it again!

You can check out Green Chef here and this is the direct link to the Keto meal plan I had

Do you like to cook? And have you tried this kind of delivery service before?



This post was sponsored by my friends at Green Chef but all opinions are my own:)