My Minimalist Travel Gym Bag

I’ve been pretty jet set this year and it’s been amazing! A hop over to Colorado with Ian for his birthday, a jump to NY and a leap to Cuba just to name a few! My travelling has certainly evolved. When I was younger travelling always meant vacation; eating, drinking, relaxing and  having fun! Nowww I still do those things but I'm more mindful of trying to keep up with my normal routine.

I’m in New York and it’s been super fun but it’s a work trip, so in order to prepare myself, I make sure to pack a little gym bag within my suitcase. I sneak in just the essentials and know that whenever I have a half hour to spare at the hotel I have everything I need, no excuses!

So what’s in the bag?!

  • Wireless headphones! A travel must have for the gym or plane.

  • Hair ties 

  • Water bottle! Gym or not I always carry one. I don’t want to be stuck buying a bunch of bottles of water when I’m away and having my own along encourages me to drink more water as well

  • A small face towel to wipe off the sweat

  • Comfy shoes to wear on and off the mat. I love Adidas ULTRABOOSTS.

  • Sweater that I can quickly slip on on the way back up to my hotel room

  • Detoxiyfing Charcoal facial wipes for a deep clean right after you sweat before your pores clog up
  • Biossance 100% years Squalane oil and Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil (travel size) -  I follow up the charcoal wipes with the squalane oil  ASAP to keep my skin moisturized especially since sweating and traveling can easily cause my skin to act up. Both of these plant based oils are super amazing for skin. Squalane oil is a wonderful natural antibacterial and is something we naturally produce in our body so it’s gentle enough for all skin types. The Squalane + Vitamin C and rose oil helps even out skin tone and texture. I use it instead of the 100% Squalane depending on what my skin needs.


Okay, so the list looks long but really that’s only 8 things! 8 things and you’re set for a sweat sesh! Pack this up within your suitcase so you can throw on your workout gear, grab the bag and head out the door!


Biossance is offering sample sizes of both the 100% Squalane Oil and the Squalane with Vitamin C Rose Oil for FREE! (both are pictured above). It’s a great size to travel with and add to your toiletry bag.

Click here to receive the free gift:)


Enjoy! Xx.